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You A$$hole!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. To the guy riding on Old Bathurst Road this morning, wearing a red & white helmet and overtaking a large truck.......


    1 - you were overtaking on a bend.
    2 - you did not have enough speed to overtake the truck before meeting up with my car.
    3 - you are f*cking lucky that I saw what you were doing and slowed right down to let you pass.
    4 - When you made eye contact with me I was mouthing something at you....it was ASSHOLE!!!
  2. Stick it up him Tweets!
  3. It is safer to overtake at 105, than get it done promptly at 125.
  4. This was in a 70 zone...and I slowed down to 50 so that he lived!! He was not paying attention :roll:

  5. Haha you're right, Speed Kills. The govt. taught me that.
  6. Hi Tweetster, I thought you'd be riding your bike by now??

    People never seem to do what you described when I'm coming towards them, then again I wouldn't if I'd see a full size 4WD with bull bar coming towards me :LOL: .

    Anyway, I agree, there are some really bad riders on the road.
  7. Hey Aussie!!

    I have a slightly smaller car now!! :p I have no idea what this guy was doing!! When I saw an indicator, I thought the truck was going to turn right..but then the bike appeared! (there was a bend in the road)

    As I said, I had to slow right down so he could pass the truck without me hitting him. Very odd!!
  8. Someone understood what I was saying.

    No one's ever been past the point of no return overtaking a car only to have an oncoming vehicle appear? The initial reaction is to accelerate, but then it's a late model Commodore, and you weigh up the margin of safety in maintaining your speed vs the possibility of getting a fine were it an unmarked cop car. It's an easy decision when you've got lots of points, but increasingly greater risk is taken when you've got but a few left.

    Although this guy sounds like an oblivious numpty.
  9. Quick answer is do whatever it takes to not get killed,BUT these days most people dont have enough experiance to judge where its safe to go or not,my take after living through a couple of extrememly close ones more than 30 years ago,if you can see a car coming then unless you have buckets loads of room dont.The ever closing margin is just not worth
    the drama.The 2 things I avoid like the plage are close overtakes and to hot into corners,not for me
  10. I would never, ever in a million years overtake anything before a bend or a crest.

    I'd rather be stuck behind someone for a little while than stuck to the grille of oncoming traffic.
  11. Back in my early 20s I faced two scary overtakes on the road between Charters Towers and Townsville (Nth Qld). In one case the car behind me closed the gap as soon as I moved out. My foot was flat to the boards and I overtook but only just made it with the speedo showing that I was in the territory of immediately losing my licence. Another time, the gap wasn't closed so I took the safer option of hitting the brakes and pulling back in behind. Despite that, I used to always overtake in the quickest possible time.

    Nowadays, I limit my overtaking speed on the open road to less than 30 km/h over the posted limit. That's usually fast enough.

    Devo, I'm an advocate of overtaking as quickly as possible. The less time you spend on the wrong side of the road, the less likely you are to wipe out yourself or anyone else.
  12. yeah im with you. i prefer to overtake during the bend :cool: