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Yoshimura TRC CF Exhaust - GSX650F

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Trekka273, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Installed my new Yoshimura TRC Carbon Fibre slip-on pipe yesterday. Very, very easy to do and did not take long at all. Personaly, I love the look of it, looks so much better than the standard pipe (pic shown of it for comparison).


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  2. And just a couple more...

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  3. Looks great! Blends well with the bike's appearance. (y)
  4. That looks heaps better. The silver stood out like a fat chick in a bikini contest. That yoshi just blends in so well.
  5. Thanks guys. Yep, I always hated the standard pipe. I have had the bike for about a month now and only ridden it a couple of times because of weather, work, etc. But form the moment I first thought of getting this model have had my eye on this pipe and it has been good to finally get it and be happy that it looks how I wanted.
  6. :shock:

    I test-rode the bike yesterday and was pissed off when I had to give the keys back! Get on ya bike mate! :)
  7. Tell me about it.... so wanted to go riding today, but the fact I can barely walk 5 metres without coughing up a lung due to bronchitis made me think it may not be the best/safest thing to do. The sun was out as well and I couldn't go... would have preferred it it was pouring rain to take away the temptation.
  8. LOVE IT!!

    Stay safe
  9. Could you tell me how much?$$ I have a 2005 750F would suit don't you think? Any problems with the jets? (Carby.... engine running too lean etc)

    Stay Safe
  10. It cost me $640 delivered to my door from Bike Gear Warehouse. Iwas looking to buy from tha US, however the savings eeren't huge with the exchange rate at present and including the freight so I didn't worry about it.

    My bike is injected, so I think it is probably a bit easier than with a carby engine. I am not too sure how different it would be for your bike, but it does not show this model as fitting your bike. The one on the site below is a bit different but still nice:


    What colour is your bike? I like the carbon fibre look.
  11. Thanks Trekka... Mines cherry red and would look grear with a black yoshi.. Will do a bit of research and then count the crinkly stuff

    Stay safe
  12. One of the IT guys where I work has the same bike as you. Looks like the standard exhaust on his. Not a bad looking bike, and seems to go pretty well to. Good luck with whatever you choose.