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Yoshimura slip-on for the GS500FK9

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blaise, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. A couple of quick questions...

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Yoshimura S/S slip-on for my GS500FK9 (found a new one for $USD300 with $USD25 shipping on eBay). My questions are as follows:
    • As I am on my P's for another 10 months, would this cause a problem with the RTA/police? (ie. move the bike outside the LAMs classification - and yes, I know that if it too loud, I'll attract the eye of the police), plus
    • If/when I need to get the bike inspected for rego, should the bike pass without changing back to the standard pipe? You can assume that I'll have the noise insert fitted.

  2. The slip on will not change the bike's LAMS classification. But if people want to get narky, they could do you for noise, as I would suspect it will be louder than legal...a NSW-man may be better to add their 2c for that part.
  3. Thanks for the reply... I'm was unsure whether the pipe would change the power/weight ratio. I want a bit more (not too much) noise to become more noticeable around cars :)
  4. You will get no more power without rejetting and changing intake filter(s). It will make it louder though. My 2008 GS500F has a full exhaust (formula1) and it sounds nice and I'm sure the cars around also hear it :)

    I didn't get a slip-on as I didn't want to cut the original exhaust - so I don't really call it a slip-on on a GS500 as you have to cut the old muffler off. Original exhaust is all 1 piece.
  5. I wasn't expecting any extra power really (I have read this from a number of sources) and I already know about the cutting (have the PDF instruction document).