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Yoshimura Full vs Slip-on Exhaust - Installation?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by bluemetal77, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys..

    I'll soon be the owner of a Kawasaki Ninja 250r (Special Edition 2012) bike .. I've bought it 2nd hand and will take delivery next week after i get my L's.

    The bike already has a Yoshimura Full Exhaust system on it (the carbon look). I am not particularly interested in the over-the-top noise that it makes and since i'll be getting the stock-exhaust with the bike ... i wanted to know if its something i can screw-off and screw-on myself? Or is the full-system got other stuff that needs to be done by a qualified technician? Anyone know the costs involved?

    Alternatively, if there is a silencer available that can mute the noise, that could be one of the options .. instead of removing the whole exhaust ..

    Any help is appreciated .. Cheers ..
    Here's to riding away :)
  2. Just a question....... is the baffle inserted??

    Surprises me that its overly noisy if its in as it still has to comply by law with the noise polluters....:confused:
    Generally speaking, a full Yoshi system is considered as a tweak that can get you more 'bang for your buck' increasing power etc, etc........ which actually can open another can of worms for you as (correct me if I'm wrong).... LAMS bikes are essentially forbidden to have any modifications done to enhance power output:(..........and potentially you could get pinged......

    Your choice but........ I'd be prepared to hang onto the Yoshi if it was me....:D just see if you can baffle it......

    Not sure but...... I assume the standard Kwaka system would involve a cat converter...... the Yoshi has probably none...... so........ assuming you are suggesting the dealer is providing you with the FULL standard system, that should include the headers right thru........

    may be talking thru my arse here... be circumspect:rolleyes:
  3. Thanks.. its not a dealer sale .. buying it private .. the bike is still under warranty .. (and was being driven by a L'earner as well).. so i did see the original stock exhaust .. he has the exhaust + the mount/cover that covers the screws .. i don't think there was anything else to it ..

    Omg if this is illegal or something i'd be stuffed .. i'm better off sticking with the stock exhaust .. altho its current rider is an L ... so would be okay?

    Yeah don't know about the baffle insert or if i can get one afterwards to mute it a bit more .. i'm not an experienced rider but the noise did seem a lot as compared to the stock exhaust ive checked on other bikes .. anyways .. i don't wanna be "stared-at" caz of the noise ..
  4. Still not totally clear. Are you talking about a full exhaust system or a muffler?
    If just the muffler then there probably is little power increase if any, just different noise.
    I'm pretty sure Yoshi tend to have a removable baffles for all/most of their cans, have a look for a couple of screw holes, or screws in the tip.
  5. Is the seller providing a Roadworthy Certificate?
    This could be a mod after he purchased it.
    You may have issues getting a RWC if it is supposed to be a LAMS bike
  6. Its a full exhaust system, see the link/image below:


    Does it look like it has a muffler inserted? I forgot to ask! .. I will when i see the seller next week.
  7. Its got current Rego going on for another 8 months and he's shown me the paperwork of the sale (from the dealer he bought) that he had the exhaust installed as part of the sale from the dealer .. and not really AFTER ..

    In anycase, if its illegal or something, i can buy the bike and take it off right .. not like i'm stuck in a dirt pool or somethin?
  8. My advice would be to show a mechanic the pics and your concern (or some one on here that knows more than me)
    They will know in more detail about whether it meets specs under the LAMS system.

    Sure anything can be removed but it will be a cost you may not want.
  9. I can't tell from your pics whether or not it is a full system. Hell, I didn't know Yoshi even made a full system for a 250.
    Anyway, a full system can be replaced but it is a lot if work in comparison to swapping out a muffler. If you have to ask that question, I doubt you have the knowledge/skill to do the former.

    I'm also having trouble believing that a 4-stroke 250 is unacceptably loud.
  10. I cant see the CAT so it may be a Cut and Shut job near headers (if at all it is a Full System) I doubt why anyone put a Full system on road 250 though... Would it be possible for you to take pictures from can to headers and see if there "is* a CAT? small box sorta thing...If not, I doubt it will pass roadworthy anyways....
    If its just a CAN( Slip on which I think it would be), its easy to unbolt and bolt the stock... A proper full system (which again i doubt someone will) will need to you open the headers bolts and remove/re-install from there...
  11. Well the next time i can take pictures is when i go to pick it up :) .. When i had asked the seller, he didn't seem too knowledgeable about the exhaust .. i did ask him if it was a full system and if he needed to rejet and retune it .. he said yeah whatever was needed was done .. lol

    I've been looking at a few images on google and slip-on exhausts look exactly the same as on my bike .. so it could be that .. but on the other hand.. slip-on also look exactly the same as the full system!
  12. I spoke to a dealer's service dept rep and he said a slip-on change would be $100 and if its a full system uninstall to stock would be 2-3 hours work ($250-$350)

    Unfortunately they wont accept walkin quotes so will have to book a service once i get it... anyways .. maybe a baffle with stronger silence properties (if there are any) would do too!
  13. No, no, no. Do you know how to change a car tyre? - Because that's about how hard it is to change a slip-on. Do it yourself! It's a ten minute job, so don't pay a dealer $100 to do it. Hell, I'm sure there's an NR member near you who'd do it for $50...
    If it is a full system, you could still change it yourself if you are even slightly mechanically inclined.

    Oh, and 2-3 hours work to uninstall a full system from a Ninja 250??? Laughable!
  14. Believe me if its a slip-on .. i'll do it myself .. not too sure if its a full system .. but right now .. i don't even have the knowledge to know if its a full system .. lol ..

    SO you reckon to uninstall a full system is less than 3 hours job? .. some videos on Youtube suggest they took 5 hours or somethin! .. ah well!
  15. #15 Rainbow7, Feb 6, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2013
    Guy, it's a parallel twin motor; it's not hard to work on. 3 hours maybe to remove and replace, but not 3 hours just to remove. Anyway, a skilled mechanic should be able to do it in less time and you can save yourself some money by removing the fairings prior to going to the dealer.

    I want to stress this point, though: if you are buying a bike with a full system already installed, just leave it on. It's only a 250, so it can't be all that loud.
  16. they'll charge like a wounded bull mate, just to dismantle the fairing etc....then, if its a full system its got to come apart from the headers back... lock, stock & muffler........I'd be a lil' surprised if you've got a full system there TBH..... more likely just a slip-on muffler and he's removed the baffle if its so loud...:confused:....

    Google is your friend....... have a look on the Yoshi site for a full system for your beast.......if there is one see how it compares to the eye......as I said in my prior post I doubt there will be a Cat, forward of the muffler if its a system......

    I'd bet its a slip-on.... just tell the seller you want the baffle as well (you have checked for one in there already haven't you??)........plus the OEM muffler as well.
    when he hands over the original....... you'll know how much pipe you've got, system or no.........OH, and you arent going to carry that home on the bike:rolleyes:.. so take a car and a mate with you.........

    If he doesnt have a baffle:confused:.... its something to negotiate maybe....cause you want it.
    Alternatively price up a replacement from Yoshi.........

    But NO!........ dont let the dealer ream you to replace the slip-on, its only loosen a couple, remove one or two... replace muffler... tighten/replace bolts:)
    BUT??......... you, new....... a full system.......get someone to help or a dealer.
  17. Ok .. so i saw a few pictures on the net of a slip-on and compared that to the bike i'm buying .. it definitely looks like a slip-on .. and i don't remember seeing the cat-box you've been mentioning either .. so it could just be the slip-on then ..

    In any case, if its a slip-on.. i'll change it to stock myself (for a while anyways till i become more experienced) .. and if it IS a full system, then i'll leave it be .. probably ask for the baffle insert or get one from eBay .. already paid the deposit and agreed on a price .. the seller dropped $600 already so i don't think i should bring up the cost again ..

    Great help your post Rogues .. and others too .. well just a few more days till i sit the test and ride the bike home .. don't worry .. my first ride home will be behind my car driven by my wife who wants to "see me home" .. lol
  18. w00t!! :joyful:....... look forward to more piccies mate......just relax.. and breathe deeply till the day arrives :LOL:
  19. looks like a slipon from your pics...but i could be wrong...
    the full system has springs holding the muffler on and also has springs on a mid joint under the engine.
    the slipon only has springs holding the muffler to the pipe

    At the time of pickup you want....the original muffler /full exhaust and any fittings and the mute insert ( yoshi call this part a "low volume insert" ) for the muffler

    see the 2 diagrams below to work out what you have..
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  20. ummm... the springs holding the muffler is true for both slip-on and full systems .. so that itself won't tell me anything .. but yeah if i can look underneath and see if the middle section has springs .. that would be a clue! .. where did you get this picture from .. i wanna read the labels 1,2,3 etc .. :D

    the seller showed me the original stock exhaust .. was just the exhaust and a cover (chrome) that goes over the part where it connects the pipe and that's it .. no other pipes or stuff .. so im beginning to believe its a slippy!

    can't believe how people can put things on their bikes and NOT know what they are or what they paid or what they're for .. look at me .. i don't even have the bike and am fussing about what it is .. lol .. oh well gotta wait!