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Yoshi R77 on a GSX650F

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 99sydrd, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. I put a r77 yoshi slip on exhaust on my gsx650f, its stainless steel with carbon fibre tip finish.

    The difference is surprising, the bike sounds heaps better, it feels like the hand brake has been released and zips along ,the bike feels slightly lighter as well and looks cool.The pipe gurgles slightly when going down the gears. :cool:

    The yoshi company claim 5% increase in power, for $625 the pipe is worth it.


    pictured with exhaust. - you get the idea , this picture is from yoshi web site.

  2. very nice,

    how about a video so we can all see how she sounds?
  3. I just put on the Yoshi R77 on my GSX650F today. Sounds good but load, maybe I was just too used to the very quiet original exhaust.
    I find the bike is bit more zippy now.

  4. Looks very nice, and I'm sure it sounds great, but I call bullshit on the 5% power gain.


  5. You probably right about the 5% but it sure feels smoother and more responsive since the exhaust up-grade.

  6. Where did u buy the pipe from?
  7. I've got a full system yoshi r77 carbon on my gixxer.. Love it and only paid just under $700 for it.. Took me about 12 hours to fit though, it was painful.](*,)](*,)

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  8. How did you manage to get the Full System for $700? Thats bloody cheap
  9. BGW - EOFY clearout

    System has a RRP of $2299.
  10. You lucky bastard...
  11. I don't know....12 hrs.
    Lucky mine was just a slip-on.