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Yoshi R-55 Slip-on for K8 GSXR - Gasket Help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by TheRuss, May 15, 2010.

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    I've been Googling this with no result so far - so time to ask a hopefully not so stupid (?) question:

    My K8 Gixxer 750 was sold with an R-55 slip-on that the original owner never installed. This evening I've whipped off the stock can, installed the new bracket and now I'm ready to put the Yosh on, BUT...
    ..There's a gasket in the inlet of the stock can that (according to this guy: [media=youtube]BrQM4nWbnwQ[/media] at 1:40) can be re-used on the new.

    It's pretty well stuck in, I've tried (unsuccessfully) slipping a small flat-head between the gasket and the pipe to loosen it up and have taken some small chunks out of the top (only 2-3mm), and freed up maybe 45 degrees of the surface. :nail:-(-X

    My questions are:
    1. It is reasonable to re-use the gasket?
    1a. If so, what is the best way to get it out of it's current home without destroying it?
    1b. If not, anybody know where I can get a new one in Melbourne on a Sunday?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Always better to go with new gaskets, although if you can get the old one off without damage and it seals OK then it'll do.

    Doesn't sound like that's the case, so I'd be visiting your friendly local Suzuki dealer or parts shop - should only cost a few bucks.

    Alternatively you could just get some of that liquid gasket stuff - Lockrite make one I think. Can be had from any Supercheap/Repco/Bursons type shop. Just make sure it's the high-temp stuff.
  3. I replaced the gasket on mine, it is quite thick as iI recall, I added some hi-temp goo from SC, at this stage you have nothing to lose, get the old one out add some goo see how it goes, if it leaks buy a new gasket tomorrow.
  4. My Akrapovic has no gasket. Just used the same hi temp goo as well and no troubles. Don't recall a gasket being in there when I switched from stock but I'm old and my memory sucks.....maybe it just fell out when I wasn't looking (the gasket, not my memory
  5. Well the old one is pretty well stuck in the stock can inlet - and I decided to leave it there incase I have to slip it back on one day.

    New one ordered from PS ($26 seems bit rich for a bloody gasket too!!!), should be in tomorrow. Will get some goo from SC and sort it out by the weekend.
  6. I paid $14 each for four header gaskets when I put my full system in. Not cheap unfortunately.
  7. Shame you don't live closer mate - I have a whole tube of hi temp goo - had to buy a whole tube for one smear!! Hope it doesn't have a use-by date any time soon!
  8. Yeah spewin - it's always like that with goo's and grease etc - they should definintely sell smaller quantities! Thanks anyway.
  9. Update: Gasket came in today. Went to SC on the way home and picked up some Pep Gasket Goo.

    Promptly set to work when I got home... only to find that the end of the muffler inlet was very slightly disformed from the pressure from the clamp. But it didn't look too bad.

    Managed to get the gasket into the pipe (goo fkn everywhere!!), but it was no longer in pristine condition...When I started to work the muffler onto the collector pipe I ended up mis-aligning and jamming the pipe into the gasket - basically shagging it. When I pulled it out to come up with a new action plan... I shredded it.

    The gasket that was brand new an hour ago now looks like this:

    F$%K!! Have to sort this out by the weekend or miss out on my first GOR run! :S
  10. Final update (I hope!!):

    New gasket came in to PS today - I've established that the previous one wasn't in perfect condition (had been previously crushed a little?) - however that is not what caused it to fail... that was all my fault!!

    I spent a little time expanding the muffler inlet pipe by the half mm or so that it had lost, and got the new gasket in undamaged! :D

    The Result:
    DONE!!! Looks awesome and sounds a nice little bit meatier at idle - will get it on the road tomorrow.
  11. Get a few k's on it, then check again to make sure all the leaks have sealed up. The goo will probably burn up a bit, and the carbon coming through the pipe should block any tiny gaps nicely.

    Glad to hear you got it sorted. Frustrating misadventures are all part of the process!