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Yoshi Pipe on my CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MrtypeR, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. So im going to install my carbon fibre slip-on Yoshi pipe on my 09 CBR1000RR next week but i just wanted to know if its necessary to get the bike tuned? or is this only necessary if i went for a full system?

    and if so..can it be tuned without installing a power commander?

    cheers :)
  2. Good timing as i am ordering a Yoshi slip on for our CBR1000 today LOL.

    Mine is an 04 and from what i understand the earlier bikes can get away with a slipon and no tuning (my MV F4 wasn't tuned after i modified the exhaust and it was fine). The newer bikes a mate was saying have to be tuned otherwise they are badly behaved.

    Now that's only what a mate told me, i haven't had the time to check it out myself. I'm going to slap on the pipes anyway, if it runs ok i'll leave it. If it runs like crap i'll just buy a PC and have the thing tuned.
  3. so you definitely need a Power Commander to have it tuned? or can can the stock computer be tuned?
  4. To my knowledge Honda's need a PC cos there ECU isn't that willing to change maps unlike a Suzuki's
  5. ah ok...

    wel i installed the yoshi pipe sat and OMG.. this thing sounds amazing now!!...love it!!... though now you can smell the petrol alot more... is this normal cause of the way these exhaust pipes are designed?
  6. Got some pics of the pipe on the bike, Im contemplating a Yoshi, but TBH still fairly happy with the stock pipe on mine
  7. So you are just running the slipon with no tuning at the moment yeah? apart from the excess fuel, is the bike behaving like it did with the stock pipe?

    BTW i love your bike! I wanted to trade in the Duc for an 09 Repsol but the distributor has none left in the country :(

    How do you find the riding position of the 09? I have been told it's much friendlier than the earlier bikes, mind you i think our 04 feels pretty damn good.
  8. power wise it feels alot more flat.. where as the standard cause of the flapper valve you really feel abit of a push from 5k revs... where is now its alot more smoother!...

    Yep im running the slip on with no tunning and its running fine!....

    The sound is amazing... it came with a strictor but not using it hahah... i love the sound way to much!!

    will post some pics
  9. I got mine from the US cuase of the strong dollar and save bout 3-400 bucks!

    definitly do it if your thinking about it....so worth it!

    as for seating position well i've come from a hyosung 250R so i guess im used to the sporty position of it!.... its more of a hobby than a daily commute for me anyways! :)

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  10. btw... install was pretty straight forward... did myslef... took around 2.5 hrs only cause it was first time but now i reckon i could do it in half that... i also found a vid on the net on how to take off stock exhaust so if anyone is interested just ping me and i'll send ya the link!
  11. anyone know a good place in VIC... either in city or out NW where i can get it tuned. I think its running abit rich since putting the exhaust on... you can smell petrol a fair bit when i start her up!.... BALLS Racing wants $395 and they said they have to change the spark plugs!!! Got no idea why?? its a brand new bike!... i just need it tuned to the new slip on!!!

  12. Nice bike, love that Repsol paint scheme! I am sort of in the same situation as you:

    I have an 09 Daytona 675 and I get varying reports about having to tune my bike after having a slip-on installed. I have not got one yet, but when I picked up my bike from the dealer he insisted that it must have a tune after having a new exhaust installed - otherwise it will "back-fire".

    But I have two other comments from (other) Triumph dealers that its not really necessary for a slip on and that you can get away with it. Bit confusing really, so I think I need to read up a bit more.
  13. the slip-on on my cb400 without tuning has caused it to backfire once. power-wise it's quite different in the low-end.
  14. mine hasn't backfired but it just smells like its running rich and actually once it even stalled on my as i was turning a corner as i clutche it in... revs may have dropped that little bit too much and it stalled!.. i hope a tune would fix all these niglly problems!

    Slip-ons are designed so that you don't need to tune anything (unless you have other mods such as high-flow air filter).
    Most slip-ons have a funny, burny smell for the first few hundred kilometres, its normal. It will go away.

    Mate, it sounds like Balls Tuning is trying to take you for a ride.
    $396 for a tune is absurd.
    Also, you would never change the spark plugs for a tune.
    You would also need a PowerCommander in order to even begin tuning it which you don't have.
    If they gave me this advise I would never go there again.

    If you bought a full exhaust system with headers a tune would be helpful but your wasting money tuning for a slip-on.

    Join www.1000RR.net forums. They will have an answer for any question you have.

    I can also help you out if you have any more questions.
  16. well Balls Racing guys in Sunshine told me before they can tune it properly they put new spark plugs in!!!! anyways... $395 is a bit steep!....

    i guess i'll keep an eye on the smell.... its especially noticeable at the moment when i turn it on and its warming up!....

    also puzzled though why it stalled when i went round a corner when i clutched in just before the turn??
  17. I installed a yoshi slipon to our CBR1000 on the weekend and it runs just fine. Covered 800kms on it since the install, no problems at all.

    A petrol smell will be more noticeable when you turn it on and warm it up because it's shoving more fuel in to warm up.
  18. The new slipon also has residue it burns off so it has a funny smell. Mine doesn't smell like petrol it smells like burning lollies haha
  19. If thats really what they told you then I wouldn't trust their advise.
    Your standard spark plugs are fine and have nothing to do with it.
    You would need a Powercommander to even begin tuning it, did they mention that?
    $395 for a dyno tune is too much, I wouldn't pay more than $200.