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Yoshi Oval / RS-3 Exhaust users drop some info here...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by robsalvv, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Hi ya Yoshi fans.

    If you have an RS3 oval yoshi on your bike, could you do me a favour and list it's overall dimensions for me. I'm hoping to build up a bit of a model/RS3 database.

    I'll go first:

    '02 ZX9R, muffler is 510 long, about 110mm wide, slip on inlet diameter about 53mm...


  2. Dont know if mine is an RS3 Rob, but its oval, its new, and its a Yoshi. I cant tell the difference between a RS3 and not, as they look exactly the same, but can put the dimensions on when I get home, as rode the commuter friendly Diversion to work today :grin:
  3. Taa mate. The exhaust designation should be on the badge... but I'd say it being oval, means it's an RS-3.

    Taa for your post mate.

    Cheers :)
  4. Mine's oval, but I cut it down so dimensions aren't really relevant.
  5. Triway, I'd be interested in the midpipe diameter and muffler width for your bike... even if the length is no longer relevant.

    Cheers mate.
  6. Any reason why you want to collect all the data?

    Maybe just contact yoshi? :)
  7. errr. yes, ever tried to get information from Yoshi? Ask them the cross bike compatabilities of their exhaust cans...
  8. Ok Rob, finally got off my lazy hungover ass today,and remembered to do this. Bare with me here as bar taking a photo and printing it and putting on dimensions, and I aint got a camera here and :blah: this is best my chewing gum hungover brain can do at the mo,especially without a vernier

    2006 Suzuki Bandit 1200.


    Height 125mm approx Circumference 350mm approx


    END TO END [ 615mm approx ]
    \/ MUFFLER INLET 60mm approx

    BODY OF MUFFLER WITHOUT ENDCAPS, East to West [ 510mm approx ]
  9. You know you want a Yoshi Tri-Oval! :p
  10. Here you go Rob, the piece I cut off shortened the overall length by 130mm



  11. Thanks Guys.

    Hey Movin, taa for the pics, but that first pic is a bit small - can't quite make out the dimension.

    Mark, appreciate the detailed pics. Looks like your RS3 and mine are identical... and it confims one piece of the puzzle I've managed to put together so far which is that gixxers and 9R's have interchangeable Yoshi mufflers... can't speak for the link pipe though.

    Hey Mark, what material rivets did you use to refit the end cap? Standard bunnings fair or something else?
  12. Bought a genuine strap which came with stainless rivettes to suit. ~$20 all up.
  13. speak to novacoder about Yoshi carbon cans and splitting....