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Yoshi or Staintune?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 2wheelsagain, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. After looking at the huge can on the Bandit for almost 12 months and not being able to hear anything that doesnt resemble a sewing machine until 6000rpm is showing its looking like it may be time to do something about it.

    I'm doing a bit of research on the Yoshi CF/SS oval can and the oval SS/SS can and trying to decide if the Staintune can is the better option.

    My main issue with the Staintune is it is not unlike the original. A little smaller but not much and about the same length. I think I'd like something that looks a little different. I figure any sound will be an improvment as are the weight savings.

    Pricing is about the same can for can thanks to the AU$ crashing but Staintune is Aussie which is a good thing.

    Has anyone else had the same questions and which way did you go?

  2. a mate has a yoshi can on his bandit 1250... it sounds pretty horn imo. I haven't heard a staintune one yet. You can try Youtube to have a listen to which one you like better. I guess
  3. Take a look at the Yoshi and then the Staintune, its an easy choice the Staintunes look about 2 bucks compared to Yoshi's
  4. yoshimura mate,,no question..
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  8. :grin:
    Yep sounds great chris.
    Just looking for one for mine,how much hard earned did you part with mate.
    Always comes back to price.
  9. Not got one yet but best pricing is $990 for the CF/SS RS3 Yoshi.
    Someone put me onto 2 brothers and they have a very nice looking B1250 CF can for about $800. The 2 Brothers is a little shorter which is what I was wanting too.
    Decisions decisions :?
  10. How'd everything go 2wheelsagain?

    get something soon!.. dont want to sound like a sewing machien do ya ;P
  11. Hi 2W,
    Would you consider getting pipe from the US?
    I had a look and RS3 Yoshi can be had for about US$280 - 340 ($480-550 AUD) plus shipping (about 75 USD or 120 AUD). This would land it at 600 AUD

    2 Bross are a bit dearer - 300 USD.

    I am sure if you could find someone who would be after a pipe and get 2 sent from the US, this would save some $$ on shipping.
  12. Staintune are Australian, if that's the sort of thing that influences you.
  13. It usually does without question. In this case I don't like the look of the Staintune for the Bandit and for me I'd prefer a CF/SS combo. If Staintune did that they may have a sale.

    That's an option when the exchange rate improves.

    I've also been talking to a local bloke dealing in CF Venom cans that look great. He's done a few Bandit 1250 and GSX14 and is keen to stick one on my bike. Just have to pick up a bit of overtime :)
  14. :eek: CF Venom 2W ?
    Any web links or pics mate sounds interesting as I too dont like the look of staintune.
    Oh BTW saw an awsome custom triumph rocket the other day this would have blown anyones mind.
    I will get pics next time is a local bike.
    Damn I need lotto!
  15. Go the staintune - the Yoshi's look like arse to me* Besides that, they are really a well built quality item that I've never heard anyone have any problems with.

    *I hate that shit.
  16. Go the Yoshi.
  17. Guys name is Mark. Had a good chat at the Melb bike expo
  18. My mate has an Akrapovic on his Bandit 1200 which sounds pretty huge, but it was already on the bike when he bought it so I can't help you out with price. I've got some Staintunes on my 900 which I love the sound of, though they're quite neighbourly at low revs. And I once had a Yoshi on a v-twin which I thought looked the business and sounded freakin awesome too....

    So, with that rambling piece of relatively ueless drivel in mind, I'd say go the Yoshi!
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    yoshi usually make pipes for race bikes.

    i guess it would squeeze out that extra 1.764 ponies but at the end of the day i think on a bandit you are looking for a good sounding one.

    funnily enough though some of the fellers reckon that the yoshis sound pretty horn. if not though, i never liked akrapovic pipes before, but after hearing some they really are the go.

    if you want to hear one of the beefiest pipes around though. BLUE FLAME pipes are made in europe somewhere and they sound scarey. check em out.



    those things are pretty horn