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Yoshi mesh jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dingo1, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. As summer belts down, has anyone tried mesh jackets?

    Found on the net Yoshimura track mesh jackets whick look ok, but not sure of quality etc as only have photo to go by....
    Has anybody bought one of these from o/s, price varies from $130-$180 US plus postage which isn't too steep.

  2. Also check out your local bike dealers, sometimes they have sales or clearance going on for apparels. I was going to order a mesh jacket overseas but didn't want to buy extra stuff to take full advantage of flat rate shipping. Jacket with shipping and bank fees works out to around $230, local shop was selling the same jacket for $250 on sales. So it was better to spend the extra $20 to get it on the spot.
  3. That Joe Rocket one looks pretty sweet.
    I just have a non brand name mesh jacket I got from Adelaide Motorcycle Accessories. It works alright and has pretty good air flow. I think it was only $99 or something as an end of season sale or something.
  4. just received my yoshi track mesh jacket... will need to test it out and give a write up review~

    looks good though... in red
  5. Do you have a pic of the jacket?

    Cheers Paul.
  6. Thanks for the replies!

    Joe Rocket seems like a good product and prices excellent in Australia, just keen on the Yoshi one though. Check the link ...hopefully got it right.


  7. Thanks for the replies. 87-3328TrackMeshBluSilBlk_sm.

    Ps Like the Yoshi one as my bike is blue ...XJR13
  8. Is the cut very good? It doesn't look very fitting.
    I think the Joe rocket one looks more comfortable but not having tried either I can't really say. It will be interesting to hear your review.
  9. I've got a red one of these~
  10. Thanks all for the info much appreciated!