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Yoshi fitting advice needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by NiteKreeper, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. The instructions with my "new" R77 call for a 3/8" hole to be drilled in the stock tailpipe, so a "Securing Rivet" can be inserted - this is to prevent the muffler twisting, apparently...

    But I've just been told by a local bike shop that they just throw the rivets out, and never drill the holes - they said it's a waste of time...

    So what do the folk of NR think? Did you drill the hole and use the rivet? Ever heard of a muffler twisting?

    I just wanna make some offensive noise...
  2. my hornet has those 'blue' colored pipes and they have a baffle thats removeable by undoing a small screw, gives it a rumble when removed of course but only that little screw does the trick.
    Dunno if this if any use to you.
  3. I have an R77 on my 'blade and I didn't drill anything, the muffler seems fairly secure and has never twisted, mind you the instructions made no mention of drilling holes in anything. Maybe your bike is different and it needs to have the screw?
  4. If you need to make a warranty claim, improper installation will make that pretty difficult.
  5. It was second-hand so warranty isn't really a factor, but thanks...
    The bit I'm talking about is number 8 in the below diagram - I'm sure a 3/8" stainless bolt with the right-shaped head would do the job, if in fact its needed at all...
  6. don't bother if it's a tight fit. the rubber gomet on pat no. 5 won't let it twist.
    you will need to check for any gaps though and get some sealant in there. you can buy muffler sealant goo/paste stuff at auto shops
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  7. MT1, thanks - I was actually going to ask if I should goo it too...
  8. if that section should decide to twist, though it should'nt be able to as a bent section joined by two straight ends held in place securely.
    but if, you could always bang a small self tapping hexagon head bolt in there, somewhere out of sight. the type that are used for roof sheeting. galvanised or stainless, with a rubber washer below the head to seal airtight.
  9. I was thinking something similar, along the lines of a stainless 3/8" bolt with the head shaved with the Dremel - something that still fit under the clamp...
    But I'll fit it without a lug first, mark the pipes underneath and keep an eye on it.
  10. It's on, it sounds absolutely delicious, and it's as solid as a rock.
    The whole job took about 30 minutes and was easier than I thought - I expected trouble removing the original bazooka and sliding the Yoshi on, but both tasks were accomplished simply and quickly.
    I didn't drill anything, but I did use a generous squirt of CRC Exhaust Sealant on both the tailpipe and the muffler inlet...
    One remaining question: The torque values specified in the instructions were too low for my wrench, so I've tightened the clamps "semi-firmly" and then backed off a 1/4 turn. Is it possible it's still too tight, and a clamp may let go after a couple of heat cycles?