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Yoshi can on Bandit 1200K6

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Jeimbo, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Have read about the need for re-jetting and new air filters when fitting a new muffler.
    I'd like to get a Yoshi RS3 but am unsure if I need to re-jet my carbs and/or put a new air filter in.

    Can anyone advise please?

  2. I have a K6 1200 Bandit with a stainless steel tri-oval yoshi.

    The shop didn't need to rejet, but they did spend about an hour before they got it running right. It was rather difficult to do without rejetting I'm told.
  3. You don't have to use a new air filter, but you'll help the engine breathe better with the new exhaust, so a combination of the new exhaust and new air filter (higher flow filter like a K&N) will give you a noticable increase in power. If you change the exhaust it is best to rejet, as bikes are usually jetted lean from the factory for emission standards. Any increase in the air flow means you'll need to rejet to have the correct air-fuel ratio. An aftermarket exhaust will increase the flow, but you'll only really benefit if you use a better air filter. Because of the increase in air to the engine, you'll need to richen up the jetting to supply more fuel to the higher air flow.

    Jetting is pretty easy on a single carbed bike (dirt bikes mainly) but not so easy in multi cylinder bikes. Sometimes aftermarket exhaust manufacturers will recommend jet sizes, or you can find someone else who has the same exhaust on the same bike as you, and use their jet sizes as a base.

    When jetting, it's best to make small adjustments, so try richening the mixture one size jet at a time, as a small adjustment will make a big difference in the AF ratio.

    If you are only getting a muffler rather than a whole system (header, mid-pipe and muffler), you may not need to rejet if you keep the stock air filter, unless the difference in the size of the outlet between the stock and aftermarket muffler is large. Sometimes the stock muffler has a tiny outlet and the aftermarket will have a huge outlet. This difference in the size should allow more air flow and make the engine run lean. If you don't know what you're doing, use an experienced motorcycle mechanic, preferably one who knows their exhausts
  4. Hi Jeimbo. You've been quiet :)
    Plenty of Bandit info HERE
    To answer your specific question. No you dont have to.
    The bike will run much better if you do jets and filter and I have seen 125hp on a dyno with just these simple mods on a late 1200.
    This person is now complaining of poor fuel economy. Something like 13km/L on a tour, so be prepared for a "hit".

    If you just want better sound leave it with just the can.

  5. Thanks guys

    Gday Chris, yes, been quiet as have had many many things to deal - new job, family issues, dad died recently and just turned 40 etc but have always been on the bike - 7500km since August!

    Saw the Yoshi on a US website for $US280 (quoted >$AUS1000 from local shop) and have known that the bandit needs a new can to make it go.

    Will need to wait a bit but plan on a K&N when I do the pipe and will try and coincide with next service so I can get the guys to tune her up and jet her to suit.

    Loving the Bandit since I took Blue14's advice and tightened the suspension up front and rear - now she handles okay but will plan on replacing the fork oil with Shell Synthetic. Anyone know how many CCs per leg and whicj weight?

    Ventura rack and bag tomorrow. Be glad to ditch the backpack.
  6. Hey mate, my advice would be do the Pipe, filter and rejet all together...

    I am glad you have sorted the suspension out. Feels much better with a few minor changes doesnt it .. :twisted:
  7. Suspension is great but will feel better with new fluid.

    Think you're right - go the whole hog and get the dudes to re-jet it to suit the new can.

    Went to see if I could do a bafflectomy but the bastards have spot welded the bolts that hold the end cap in. Anyone got a Dremel......
  8. I dont think it wil sound any good debaffled... I do have a dremel tool though if you want to have a crack at it .. :grin:
  9. Not making any big announcements yet, 'cos it's not in my garage just yet and it's possible something could fall through, but I did put a deposit on a 99 Bandit 1200 on Thursday. Now impatiently waiting for the 4 day long weekend to be over so it can get checked for the roadworthy (they asked for new rear brake pads and for the stock can to be put back on) and then I should be able to grab that baby.

    Will put the aftermarket can (complete with stocker brushed aluminum Suzuki outside case) back on as soon as I get the bike and it has a K & N and has been jetted for the combination.

    Not planning to get too crazy with mods, but if anything it'd be the suspensions stuff I'd look at. Some people are putting Hyabusa rear shocks in them but it's a reasonable amount of stuffing about and I'm not 100% convinced of the healthiness of the result. Apparently just changing the fork oil from stock can make a significant difference, but does anyone have any idea what a suspension setup including any respringing/oiling/valving etc is likely to run to for both ends?

    Will definitely go through the 'setting up suspension' tute from here first and then get a real sense of what, if anything, it needs... but mostly just excited to get on it.
  10. I guess dropping the triple clamps down the forks (or raising the forks through the clamps - as Einstein said, it's all relative!) is the other possible simple mod I might look into, to sharpen the handling (if it feels like it needs it). Someone also talked about Hayabusa handlebars fitting straight on, if I miss the wrist pains from a sportier riding position. ;)
  11. Smack and I de-baffled my Yoshi when I was in Tassie a while back, it's a real pain to get the baffle out even after you dremal the welded rivet out.

    The pipe on the baffle is at a 30 degree angle to the end piece and it's quite long... too long. So that one can't easily get the end out.

    It is possible, but it's a 3 beers... multiple swearing at muffler job :)

  12. I'd be keen to know the oil weight and volume so I can change mine. Major difference just by fiddling with the compression adjustment. Spose I oughta get a manual for it.
    Major work like exhaust on hold as buying turbo diesel Hilux this week!