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Yo guys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zetaplus, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Figured I'd better sign up since I've been lurking on the forums so long. Name's Strat, 25 years old from the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne. Got a 2MA TZR250 which is hopefully going in to High Octane Motorcycles this week for abit of work and a roadworthy so I can register it, and booked in at Armstrong's in Thomastown for my learners on May 17th... So yeah, basically, hi!

  2. Welcome to NR Strat !
  3. Hey Strat, say G'day to Con for me... and remind him about my track bike!...

    Welcome bud. :)

    Good luck on your L's
  4. Cheers guys!!
  5. hello and welcome
  6. Don't you mean De-restricted countdown Phil ? :p
  7. Yiasoo Strati.
  8. Welcome!!! :)
  9. Bloody Greeks are everywhere! :p
  10. yeah he does but then again his brain could be going on restrictions :p
  11. ohh and hi and welcome to NR
  12. thanks!
  13. Welcome to NR

    We cordially invite you to spend many, many hours at your computer reading, typing and laughing.

    Ride safe (when you can).