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yipee, no more L plate!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. G'day all, what more can I say. I finally got my licence today. best thing is I skip the Probationary bit and am classed as a fully licenced rider with 12mnths restrictions, which means no p plates. Did the 4 hours training course beforehand (very glad I did). did it on one of their viragos. wanted to see what it was like to ride one with non standard bars on it. It had straight drag bars as oposed to the curled over ones like mine. I prefer mine. Was going to use their trail bike as they say they are easier than the virago to do the test on but curiosity got the better of me.

  2. wait, you have to do another TEST after your P's to get on your full license?

    so you get tested 3 times? L's/P's/Full license ?

    edit: how did you skip the p's ?
  3. corn-gratulations on your graduation CCv6 :).
  4. Kyro, If you have a fully car license, then for some strange reason you do not have to display P plates. You are still under the same restrictions, just no need ot display the plates. Does not make sense to me, but hey, I've been driving cars for 20 years, so will not have to display P's either.

    There is only 2 tests. After 12 months, you then go onto full license automatically.
  5. Congrats Countrycruiser :grin:
  6. weldone mate!!! I hope your on open soon. wait your on open +10
  7. Yeah not P plates for me when I passed my license test. I have already done my 3 years P plates on my car so no need to do it on the bike!
  8. Woohooo congrats Andrew.

    Looks like a lovely day up this way today.
    Going for a ride?
  9. Congratulations!! :woot:
  10. Well done CC :grin:
    A bit odd that they had V's with straight bars :? How did you find posture, awkward/comfy ?
  11. [​IMG]
    It's certainly great to turf that L.
  12. Nice work! I just got rid of my Ls recently, but there's no way of skipping Ps period here in Canberra?? I've had a car license for 10 years but it doesn't mean sh!t!!

    I have 4 points on the motorcycle component of my license, but if I lose any points while driving a car, they come off the motorcycle component too! How much does that suck!!
  13. Thats because you havnt hit the magic number of 30 yet.
    Looks like the same applies in Vic.
  14. Congrats CCV6 \:D/
  15. congrats!!!!
    12 months of "what bike shall I buy next" lie ahead!
  16. Congrats Andrew. Now the real learning begins.
  17. I found it ok, the only thing I didnt like was the fact that they come straight out of the top of the headstem without rising much which means your hands are nearly hitting the tank on full lock. as for posture the only benifit would be that you are leaning forward slightly which may make riding at 100km/h more comfy, but only marginally. overall I wasnt that impressed and will stick to the original bars.
  18. Nah will stick with the virago very happily, does everything I bought a bike for so will probably keep it til its end of days. But who Knows......
  19. Congrats!!!!

    I got mine today aswell...... sud've seen my emergency STOP!

    Got it up to 30kms and stopped it in in less den 2 metres, got my azz off the seat!

    No more license hassles for me and u.
  20. Well done mate.
    What was it like, any tricky bits?
    I go for my "P's" in just over a weeks time.