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Yip yip yoorah

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pobblebonk, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Hello!

    My name is Pobbs and I'm on the lookout for a learner bike for midgets, being 157cm.

    So far, I've looked at the MadAss and the Express.

    Am thinking the Express for something to bang around in, haven't got a need for speed [obviously!] so not too concerned about needing to do 350kph.

    Got my L's, had them for a gazillion years. Turning 30 in a week and a half and heading to Vietnam for a couple of weeks, so wanting to get back here to a nice new shiny bangabouter. At some point I'm sure I'll yank out the finger and get my licence.

    Thanks for reading my drivel. Please try to avoid my posts if you find drivel offensive. :cheeky:
  2. G'day mate

    MadAsses are MadArse!!!

    Whereabouts are you?

    Fun Ha!
  3. G'day good friend of Jims.

  4. have you looked at the,,,, hunter....low seat chopper ,bobber. style
  5. Welcome mate!
    In terms of bikes you could probably jump onto a honda cb250, vtr250 or gs500. You will probably be on your toes however but you dont need to flat foot the ground really. (Well you can if you shift your arse off the seat slightly)

    I would say the madass would be my pick of fun bikes to ride, but if you wanted something to commute and travel on you should be looking towards the 250cc engines upwards.
  6. welcome Pobbs
  7. Jim who??? :-s

    Fun Ha!
  8. My gf is that height and she rides a ninja 250 just fine with feet down.

    Its a very comfortable bike for her both in seating position and handling
  9. Pobbs, I like your style, welcome to the forum.

    I don't know that much about bikes for shorter riders of the female variety but you'll get some pretty good advice here. Even though they are all from Sydney so far, don't hold that against them. You can take it as read that Gnome is kindof appropriately named so take his word for it.

    Have fun in vietnam. Are you planning on doing any riding over there?
  10. Everyone has a friend called Jim!

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes.

    Sydney? That's practically middle earth, they'll know ALL about midget riders! Yip yip yoorah! :D

    I'm heading to good ol' Moss Street this weekend and I'm going to go bike shopping. Just like shoes, only, bikes. Tricky!

    Ninja hey? Thanks for the advice!

    I really need a new helmet too I suppose, and a jacket. Girls, got any recommendations? My last one was a Joe Rocket.
  11. Welcome pobblebonk
  12. Hey there good people!

    I bought a 150cc Sachs Express on Friday. Been taking it on a ride each day. Hoping to get a ride in today, but not sure. Loving it! Am very happy with my purchase.
  13. Congrats on the purchase Pobble. See on the roads soon hopefully!
  14. Welcome Pobbs!

  15. Don't apologise, that's the default standard of communication here on Netrider :LOL:
  16. Haha the mods here are funny!
  17. Aww! You're so far away! Darn!

    Welcome to the forums lady! :D
  18. LOL yeah, not really around the corner from you :D Thanks!
  19. haha! There's always time for a road trip!!
  20. Well come on up, Kat! :p