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Yet to even get my Ls, but I'm keen!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Samma, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. So, upon the suggestion of a newly-acquired motorcycling friend, I've decided to sneak on here a little and establish myself a bit before I start going for my Learners or anything. A bit early? Perhaps, but then if I mess anything up or need help, I know I've got somewhere to go.

    As for about me, I originally hail from Brisbane but moved to Canberra for uni, and I've just gotten sick and tired of the unreliable bus system (Brissy wasn't much better but the services ran MUCH later). Unable to have someone sit beside me in a car and hold my hand while I learn, I figured going for a motorcycle licence couldn't hurt, right? Initially I thought I'd just get a scooter, but the thought of actually owning a bike is much more appealing, so I'll go down that route, much to the displeasure of my folks. (I like the idea of one day riding back up north and surprising them. Wishful thinking, perhaps.)

    After uni exams, I intend on going for my pre-learner course with a friend who is also keen on getting her licence, so I'll be able to let everyone know how that goes! Until then all I can really do is window shop for bikes, cry about my height, and hope that through posting on here I'll make a couple of new friends who might even be in a similar position as me. Yeah.
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  2. Welcome! Good decision on both buying the bike and being keen to learn. Ask as many questions as you need/want. Sit on as many bikes as you can before buying. Don't be jaded by marketing, most all well known brands out there will do.

    [EDIT] Oh, and for the love of your skin, All The Gear All The Time. Get proper (and full) biking gear, and wear it all the time you're on the bike. [/EDIT]
  3. I will! The money factor is a little bit daunting, but I suppose this whole process will teach me a bit of self-control with my expenses. While the prospect of getting a cheap low-name brand of bike new is somewhat appealing, I'm fairly sure getting a better-name bike second-hand will be a better decision in the long run. At least that way if I drop it I won't be the first.

    As for gear, it's one thing I will NOT be skimping on. I rode pillion once as a small kid in nothing but my school uniform and an ill-fitting helmet, and the terror of that experience is quite memorable. The guy had a Harley and was riding in an empty field, but it wasn't fun. My mother nearly had a heart attack.
  4. Go for a well known brand, you can get many nice bikes for well under $5k. www.redbook.com.au and www.bikefacts.com.au are your friends for second hand bikes.

    Oh, and since this is going to be your transport, all season textile suits is likely what you'll need to look at for gear. Dririder or RST would be my recommendations.
  5. Thanks for this! I was looking at the online store for Canberra Motorcycle Centre, and I just hope that their online selection isn't everything they sell in-store. There's nice stuff, but not much in the way of ladies pants if I want something more than jeans (which don't come in my size anyway)...
  6. Welcome Samma, Like most states ACT has its own little wrinkles on licensing. As it doesn't sound like you have had a license before, prior to a Pre Learners course you need to have done a Road Ready Learners License course. Seocndary schools in ACT run these so the University may have a program.


    Also you say that you are shorter in stature. There are a few options, cruiser style bike can be lower and can help. Lowering linkages can be put into bikes to reduce their seat height. Do some searching on the site as you are not the first to have faced this problem. This site you can check bikes, heights and seating positions.

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    Hey Chris. I actually have my ACT learners licence for a car already, as I had my QLD one transferred without having to do any additional testing. While I've been using it predominantly for ID purposes, I've kept my knowledge of the road rules somewhat active, and I've been going over the various documents since deciding I'm actually going to hit the road sometime soon. Thanks for this though!

    Also, thank you SO much for that link!
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  8. Brick and mortar stores that have online stores seldom have their whole selection online, but again, don't tie yourself to any one particular store, shop around for the best deal and try on a lot of gear.

    Naked bikes are generally shorter in stature than faired ones, and more comfy for an everyday bike too. I would personally not recommend a cruiser style bike, but many love them so that's up to you.

    Something like a Honda CB400, Suzuki GS400 or KTM Duke 390 would be good learner bikes IMHO. For faired road bikes, Honda RVF400R, Kawasaki ZXR400 or even the ZZR400 are good choices.

    Expect maintenance on performance bikes to be more costly, buy well within your budget and you should be allright.
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  9. Welcome, I took up motorcycling for similar reasons to you and love it. As far as bikes go I'd suggest not buying one of the less powerful options.
  10. Welcome to NR...

    All the best
  11. Maljohann, I think you may underestimate how short I am. My inseam measurement is 28 inches, making most normal bikes essentially off-limits for me, I think. The website Chris linked me showed that with my height and inseam measurements, I would only just manage to get my feet flat on the ground on the couple of cruisers I threw at it, but hey, it's a tool. I'll only know for sure by going out and sitting on some bikes. All in due time.
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    You don't NEED to flat foot both sides at the same time, although it is handy sometimes, especiallly as a learner for the comfort factor. If you have one foot on the right peg and can comfortably flat foot on the left you should be fine, but again, it depends on what you're comfortable with. Only way to find that out is to get your bum on some seats.

    [EDIT] Just to give you an idea, I'm 1.69m with a 31 inseam and I'm VERY comfortable on the bikes mentioned. You should be able to manage. [/EDIT]
  13. Hi Samma,

    The lass I just bought my bike from wasnt tall, I'd guestimate at 1.6m and maybe 60kg ringing wet and she was riding a GS500F, si dont sell yourself short (no pun intended)

    Visit CMC & Joes and test sit some bikes and see how they feel. Also check out the local bike forum as you'll find plenty of helpful people there...

    If you can drag an experienced rider with you to help test fit gear you should be able find some decent fitting gear (don't be afraid to look into the specials rack). It took me aroubd 3-4 visits and around 2-3 hours a pop to try on all various models of gear.
    Once you know what gear you need, save your pennies and watch for the specials :)
  14. welcome aboard :] take your time with your gear, as @GTiRolla@GTiRolla says try it all including the specials racks, you can often find some gems
  15. Welcome, Samma. As a fellow short ass, I feel your pain! I'm shopping for my upgrade, and my system is currently to go out and sit on every bike I can. Measurements are one thing but it's completely different once you've jumped on one. You may find you can or can't flatfoot, but it might feel just right anyway.

    Best of luck and welcome to NR!
  16. Thanks for the warm welcomes, from everyone. I'm really eager to go out and sit on bikes and try on gear, but I need to get in touch with my friend who has experience so he can come with and make sure I don't make any poor decisions. My parents are also insistent I get my Ls before I even begin looking at bikes or gear, so I just have to be patient!
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  18. My friends describe me as responsible and boring, so as long as I don't get too silly I think I'll be okay, hopefully! I found that thread a particularly good read too, and quite inspiring, so I think I may try to write something similar when things start going places, i.e. booked my Pre-Ls, started looking at bikes, etc.
  19. Welcome @Samma@Samma. Nice goat in your avatar. I like goats. They taste good. :)
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