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Yet more complaints about the idiots in yellow

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, May 3, 2007.

  1. Well, here's the story I just emailed to a friend.
    I'm so annoyed. Had a consultation with a rehab specialist about my current pain + pain meds and sorting stuff out. It started pouring as I finished up. There were 3 taxi's out the front of the area I was at (it's a taxi stand) and they ask where I was going, I stated my address which is "only" 15ish minutes walk so I guess 3-5 minutes by car/taxi. Anyway, as I told them, they all then seemed disinterested and said "I have a job, I'm going the other way" or "I'm just waiting for my current job now". Well why ask where I was going if that was the case, I guess my "little job" wasn't enough money for them to do it.. So I jogged/walked (due to my shoulder injury, I can't job too much, hurts like hell). So here I am, in pain, had to walk/jog about 8-10 minutes home in bucketing down rain. NICE ONE TAXI DRIVERS ,,|,


    So, any more rants/venting about taxi drivers being nasty like this? Not worth the $$$ so they tell lies. At least a positive about it is a little bit of extra running/walking is good for health, too bad it made my shoulder get a bit more pain after taking 200mg time release tramal, 1000mg paracetamol, 320mg oxycontin (taken in 3 doses), 75 mg lyrica in the past 6-7 hrs all up. Also now have to do extra washing simply due to soaking my jeans + top in the rain, the weather didn't look like it was going to bucket down rain within the next 30-60 minutes while I walked up to the consultation @ epworth.

    An afterthought I had was that I should've taken down their rego plate numbers and complained to the taxi company/s that they work for. One of them was downright insulting to me. He was inquisitive in his body language/tone of voice when he asked "Where are you headed mate?" and after I told him, he had that 'wry grin' and said in like a bouncy tone "I have a job mate and it's headed the opposite way" and that was the literal thing he said. Just said the opposite way :roll:

    With my interaction with taxi drivers since my accident in March last year, I was getting 2-4 taxi lifts every 2-4 weeks due to being an outpatient at maroondah hospital until I moved to Epworth Hospital about 3 months after the initial injury, so I used quite a few. Most were as I would say "Bad drivers" and taking me the "long way" when I just said the destination was either Ringwood or Richmond depending if I was heading to or from the hospital. Most took the Eastern freeway which equated to roughly $10 more than heading "the short way" which I found out when a "cool" taxi driver took my fare once.

    The guy seemed to be a "head honcho" as he was taking lots of calls and he was directing other taxi drivers to take jobs and/or switch customers. He said he was going to take me "the quick way" as I was heading to and from hospital roughly the same time each time I went and with this guy, he was like 10-15 minutes quicker and around $10 cheaper fare than the average of all the other drivers. The price + time didn't bother me as it was all paid for by T.A.C. but it shows you how taxi drivers will "fleece" an unsuspecting customer for a higher fare if the customer doesn't know (or at least state) the quickest way to go.

    And from bike riding, the things I (and I guess "we" as a collective) see taxi drivers usually are bad things: no indicators when switching lanes, cutting people off, illegal u-turns, stopping traffic when they pick up or drop off a customer. Also yesterday another thing happened from a taxi driver. I was lane filtering most if not all the way down bridge road from church street to hoddle.

    All the traffic was stopped/crawling pace and _every car_ was actually in the furthest left of their lane as they could be. I noticed another guy on a postie bike was nearing hoddle when I was a bit before epworth hospital so they might have moved over for him or were already in the left side. No idea BUT when I was filtering myself at a nice slow steady pace, a taxi driver moved over from swinging his steering right and moved the front right hand side to "block me" for no apparent reason except "just to stop me".

    So when the traffic was clear on the other side, I quickly overtook him and gave him the universal middle finger salute and semi quickly filtered (legally as well) all the way to hoddle. And just as luck would have it, the lights turned green as I got to hoddle street and I turned left and headed home (just 1-2 minutes ride from there). So I could in no way bear any impact on any of those cars I filtered past and the taxi driver I mentioned could not have "attacked me in road rage" as he was most likely still a few metres from the same spot he was in as I turned left into hoddle :LOL:

    I actually wasn't going to bother posting about yesterdays "unkind" taxi driver but the 3 arseholes that either lied to me or whatever when I mentioned I was only a few minutes taxi fare away, I just had to mention both of these incidents. :evil: I understand they need to work and all that but flat out rejecting someone in bucketing down rain who didn't have an umbrella etc just because "they weren't worth enough $$$ fare" is pretty low in my book. Oh well, I would have just said "Don't worry about the trip meter, here's $10 for taking me". You'd think taxi drivers would gain a lot of driving skill because they are on the road so much but some taxi drivers I have had drive me have been flatout scary to be a passenger with :eek: Anyway, rant over, I feel a little bit better :grin:

  2. Mate you feel better now it's off your chest?

    Must be your shifty looks that scared the cabbies off :LOL: :LOL:
  3. In some cities overseas, like London, and Munich, (and I think New York), it is illegal for a licensed cab to refuse a fare if the passenger visibly has the money. It should be like that here in my opinion, if it isn't already...
  4. Hey Waz,

    call the Victorian taxi directorate, i'm pretty sure there not alowed to refuse a fair.
  5. Good rant Waz.

    I've got a new method when catching taxis, I just jump straight in and tell 'em where we're going. No asking, just tell the bloke to take you there. He can't very well force you out of his cab can he??

    It's like buying alcomahol when you're under age, have the confidence, use the right tone of voice and they'll bend over backwards for you...
  6. I SWEAR this is true.. I TRIED to open the door of the second taxi but it was locked (back door). They all had electric windows and "wound down" the front passenger window to talk to me :shock: :evil:

    And to everyone else, Yup I thought about calling the taxi companies etc but I wasn't prepared to wait long enough to memorise or write down their rego plates so I could specify who they were. It's a bit hard to say to "whichever taxi company," (I didn't think at the time to see which company they worked for) 3 taxi drivers were at Epworth hospital around 2:20PM and they refused my fare because they said they already had jobs going elsewhere.

    In hindsight I should have had pen + paper or at least jotted their rego numbers down into my phone but I was just worried about not getting drenched so I ran from the taxi stand to 1/2 way home then walked due to the running hurting my shoulder then I briskly walked/jogged all the way back home.

    In the 8-10 minutes I got home estimation, I got pretty soaked from the rain, now I'm in pyjamas after a nice shower to warm me up :grin: I feel ok but damn, those guys sucked. And after that one in Aug last year that made me "drop" the 675 on the right hand side (well, laid down) due to a taxi driver not stopping and cutting me off, foot still coming off ground so I immediately grabbed (front) brake as I didn't want to hit him = bike laid down :( Oh well, could be worse. He could have collected me, we were SO CLOSE! Don't even know if the fcukwit even saw me, each time I think out the situation and try to analyze it, he either didn't see me or he just didn't care and knew he'd win in a "joust competition" :cry: :evil:
  7. This is a classic example of pay peanuts and get monkeys.

    Most taxi drivers don't make much money and on a quiet night taking a short job and going to the back of the que is worse than waiting for a longer one.

    The pricing structure for taxis needs to be seriously altered... or more to the point the wage structure for drivers.

    The only way to avoid this sort of problem is to place drivers on a wage rather than making them compete for limited jobs...
  8. The big problem in Canberra was that you could book a cab, i.e call up, even well before time, and you wouldn't necessarily get one if no cabbies wanted the route. But the companies got in shit and now they have to send someone. I've had problems in Civic, at like 330am when a cabbie showed up, there was like 15 groups of people waiting, and the cabbie walked up and asked if anyone was going Southside. No one was, so he just walked back to his cab, and moved up the road away from the rank. Boy he was lucky he didn't get beaten up, there were some angry drunk guys in the queue.
  9. It is an offence for a cab to refuse a fare as a general rule. I would write a really polite letter to the company and cc the Victorian Taxi Directorate.
    Without a plate number they cannot follow up these particular oxygen thiefs, but they can (and will) keep an eye on that cab rank.
    Next time get the plate number, and (politely) tell the driver you WILL be reporting him. Hopefully ruin his day!

    +1 about all the other comments. I nearly dropped bike and pillion because of a cabbie near southbank. Both he and his fare knew I was upset... :cool:
  10. What you should've done is got your phone out, walked behind the car, and started to type the rego in, and just tell the cabbies "Just getting your rego mate," might've gotten one of them to reconsider.
  11. +1 It's the only way to go. :)

    I agree Undii, you should've got the rego and reported them. Bastards deserve any trouble they get for that sort of thing. :)
  12. Yup, hindsight is a beautiful thing if we had it. Next time (IF I remember! heh) I'll take a photo of the plate, much better evidence than a typed "note" :)
  13. Mate, next time, tell them that you are calling their company and lodging a complaint and once you've hung up from them you are going to call the VTD (Victorian Taxi Directorate).

    It is illegal for a taxi driver to refuse a fare. I guess if you were threatening to shove all the 20c pieces that he had into his left nostril they would be allowed to refuse *shrug*
  14. Also a photo of the driver so the Taxi Directorate can check if he's licenced to drive that Taxi.

    The Taxi Directorate can be found here http://www.taxi.vic.gov.au/
  15. Sorry i don't see what the problem is.

    Unless like Vic said that they can't refuse a fare.

    To me taxi's are just a private business. They exist to make a profit. Sure its a nice thing to give everyone a ride but being a private company they got the right to decide which fare is profitable and which isn't.

    At least this guy discriminated against you due to distance of the lift and not on your race/ethnicity or some other reason.
  16. So next time you go to the doctor and he says "oh sorry mate, there's just not enough money in XXXXX these days, I'm just waiting for a broken leg to come in" that'd be OK, coz he's just there to make money right?
    Luckily we have legislation that governs these public services and when the job is there they have to take it. Would be interesting to see what the owner would say also(if he's not the driver) as it's his money the driver's knocking back too.

  17. They are a private business but are Government regulated. The VTD, someone posted a link to their site states that a driver cannot refuse a fare unless he feels that his safety could be compromised.

    Now I know what it's like to have a gimpy shoulder. You can't even wipe your ar.......never mind, you get the idea, let alone be aggressive to Mohamed ;)
  18. tell him your going to oakley... once your in the cab tell me you said localy

    Works a treat on the phone
  19. Oh alrite, fair enough, didn't know that.
  20. Actually medicos work by a code of ethics. Breach that code and you can be suspended or knocked off the register.

    I don't think taxi drivers have that code of ethics.