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Yet Another 'Which bike for me' Question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tyrelever, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Ok, im a complete noob just off my L's and am having a bit of a hard time with finding a bike that "fits"

    I know there have been a few threads on this topic but im still low on ideas..

    I’m 6' 3" and about 110Kg's and all the bikes ive sat on have felt really small and I feel rather crunched up.

    Ive been to a few bike places in Dandenong and Ringwood and most of the advice has been to go for the Hyosung GT250R. I’m a bit hesitant in getting a fully faired bike for a starter but I don’t really know what else is out there.
    I would prefer to buy new but will have a look at anything.

    Any suggestions for a bike that is high enough other than the Hyosung?

    Ah yeah one more question too.... Riding gear, is there any gear out there made for fat bastards? Ive managed to fit into a dririder jacket but its was.. um rather long in the sleeve when it manages to get around my ample energy reserves that is conveniently packaged around my stomach.. :D

    Thanks guys,
  2. Get the hyosung gt650r which is learner legal and detune it so you can ride a 650cc "legally" on your L's.

    You could get a cruiser or just go to a massive bike store and ask what are the learner legal bikes and sit on them all.

    I don't know much about the non faired bikes so i can't help you there.

    EDIT: detune it, what was i thinking it is detune, oh well you buy a kit and it takes the restrictions off.
  3. I think Hyosung is the tallest 250 on the market and i thought there was a gt 250 which is the same as the R but without the faring.

    As far as your gear goes a mate of mine told me about this place it might be worth a call
  4. Unfortunatly we're a bit Bracksward in Vic so we can only go up to a 260cc for the first 12 monts on a full license. Oh to live in a state that deals in at least partial reality.
  5. You guys don't have the power to weight thing? Damn, well the gt250r would be the way to go.
  6. I have the gt250r and its great.

    Why not look at the gt250, same thing, no fairings?
  7. Im in the same boat at the moment. Im 6'5" and just got my L's. I have only sat on the cb250 which fits and zzr250(faired) which also fits which i found surprising. The cutouts on the fuel tank are not ideal on the zzr but are not uncomfortable or annoying, just something to get used to. The GT250R will most certainly fit but i dont have enough money for them, there resale value at the moment is very high almost as high as new. So im looking at a cheap zzr250 but limited to 3500 approx and anything that range is bloody purple. But if you can afford it go the GT250R, looks awesome apparently cheap for parts if you drop it and most importantly fits well.
  8. If it's height that's the big issue and you want something that won't cost a fortune if you drop it then maybe consider a motard (basically chuck road tyres on a road-registerable dirt bike). Otherwise you could have a look at something like a 250 Bandit or Hornet - they're about the largest 250s you can get although they're only available 2nd hand (arguably may still be better quality than a new Hyosung though).
  9. If you aren't set on a road bike, trail bikes have a much higher seat position and would probably be alot more accommodating for you.
  10. Not to hijack the thread - but some people say trails are dangerous on the road because the wheels are not as wide, and the higher seat position is also bad. But aren't both these characteristics on touring bikes too?

    Yes ive seen many trail bikes on the road. :grin:
  11. I've heard that too, evilooliver, but I think it's absolute bollocks. I've had two trail bikes on the road, and found them brilliant for commuting. So good, I'm thinking of going back to one. Can't beat it for cheap tyres, straightforward single mechanics and general hooning (Cutting over nature strips, traffic Islands etc) I never did any dirtbike riding on them!

    I'd go for a TTR250 or a WR250. You can find very good ones for around $6k, 2002/2003 models or the like. They're high enough to fit you well, and you won't be selling it after 12 months like you will a 250 sportsbike.

    People will say that they are too high for road use (Bollocks, some, like the DR650 can be lowered considerably just using a tool, and the rest have kits available to lower them) Front forks too soft (use a harder oil, but not a -real- problem in the first place) and geared too low (Get some more teeth on the sprocket for your first service, and get an o-ring chain, which you should do anyway)

    Can't go wrong - you can drop it, bash it, stall it, beat it, run it into 4wd's and you'll be right. Still fast enough to blitz anything on the road.

    My 0.02c worth.
  12. A lot of taller learner riders look at the GS500, either the naked or fairing version. It's a good reliable bike and there is plenty of them around if you are buying second hand.
  13. Hey mate, you want long in the sleeve, go sit on a bike with your hands on the bars and you'll see what I mean!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Hi tyrelever, I'm 6 ft 4 and 100kg ride a VTR250 and It's not too bad. The seat height is 780 the same as the hyosung.

    When I bought It I tried on a few bikes namely the GPX and ZZR and they felt a bit squashed. Ive done nearly 18000 km on the VTR and can say they are a very good bike.

    Anyway go and ride one and see what you think.

    PS. The Hyosung is available faired (GT250R) or unfaired.(GT250)
  15. GT250 unfaired rocks or the VTR250.
  16. Big Thanks to everyone who has replied so far! I appreciate the effort.

    Sorry I forgot to mention that im in Victoria so the power to weight system does not apply here, 250's only :(

    Thanks wot the for the ebay link, any ideas on where I can go to try stuff on?

    So it looks like the Hyosung 250R is the way to go as the seat height is slightly higher than the 250 naked:
    250R - 795mm (http://www.hyosungmotors.com.au/gt250r.html)
    250 - 780mm (http://www.hyosungmotors.com.au/gt250.html)

    Thanks for all the help so far!
  17. Don't be totally focussed on seat height alone, while that is obviously a factor in general, the biggest impact that has is about being able to reach the ground when stopped. Really the big deal is about the way the seat height interacts with the peg locations and handlebars.

    You really need to go sit on em all in riding position. Go to Elizabeth Street, you can see the new Hyosung and VTR in PS, and there are always a bunch of used 250s up and down the street so you can swing your leg over some of the recent and older used ones, Across, ZZR, etc. Spot-On generally has a pretty good selection.

    Hope that helps.
  18. Will do :d

    Thanks for the info!

  19. (15 mm is only just over half an inch, so the difference between the two Hyos is not that great in case you're worried about dropping a faired bike as a learner)