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Yet another "upgrade" thread..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gundy, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Street Triple (R)

    14 vote(s)
  2. MV Agusta B3

    7 vote(s)
  3. Z1000

    7 vote(s)
  4. Daytona 675 (R)

    9 vote(s)
  5. 2013 ZX6 (636)

    7 vote(s)
  6. 2012 ZX10R

    4 vote(s)
  7. Wildcard: Hornet 600 (until I can make up my mind)

    0 vote(s)
  8. Other: Please discuss below

    7 vote(s)
  1. Now that the old bike has been sold, I have to start thinking long and hard about upgrades. This discussion started in the Saturday learners thread, and was in danger of taking things too far off topic there, so I thought I'd create a separate topic to carry on the discussions.

    I've come to the conclusion that I really need two bikes. Maybe three. Four would definitely do it. Surely.

    A commuter, a track-only bike, something for touring, and something for spirited weekend rides. Maybe add a dirt bike to the mix just for good measure. That's five.

    Anyway, I can only choose one bike, so I have a dilemma.

    Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop.

    I thought I'd throw up a poll with some of my current short-list, and see what you NR folk think. I know there's going to be no best option, but all thoughts & opinions are valued.

    Please feel free to add additional comments and suggestions in the thread below.

  2. get one with two wheels.
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  3. a ktm duke will do pretty much all you ask except dirt,
    a motard will do everything except touring.
    an adventure tourer will do everything but the track
    and a sports tourer is the same as a duke... but more comfortable and focused rather then hooligan.

    what riding do YOU do,
    not what you want to do, not what your mates do, but what you actually do...
    that is the best starting point
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  4. Black one will do it
  5. +1 on the KTM Duke
  6. I usually reply to these threads with something like: Turbo S1000RR with NOS. However, I read your post and (based solely off my own past research and opinion, not actual riding experience), perhaps you should look into the KTM 690 Enduro + a set of motard rims.
  7. Postie bike
    Ive seen postie s
    Off roading

    Track day cud be special ( maybe take the flag of )
  8. Of those options, I'd get the Z1000 - naked, fast, handles well, looks good (to some). But you won't know til you test them.
  9. I wonder why you removed GSXR-600/1000 form equation?

    Just curious, really, since it seems to be pretty competitive especially price wise.
  10. rsv4 factory... cause they're awesome ;-)
  11. Cool.. hadn't even considered it, but that's why I ask the panel of experts.

    I just had a quick read about it.. It's a fine looking bike and gets good reviews, but.. it's a single cylinder? 67hp? I would be a bit concerned that I might end up wanting for more pretty quickly :/ Hard to explain; I think it's just the way I am. I will certainly go and have a look at these though..

    I spent about half an hour playing on a hornet 600 last week (a 100hp bike), and although I could feel that it was "quick", and would no doubt put a smile on my dial for a while to come, I didn't ever feel like it was in danger of being "too powerful", or that I would be a menace to myself on it..

    The occasional commute interspersed with weekend/evening group rides in the twisty bits would be the primary uses. I might end up taking it on the odd overnighter. I would also like to be able to try a few track days and see if the bug bites. That's about it. I don't currently have a lot of interest in dirt/adventure/dual purpose/stunting/supermoto etc.

    I acknowledge that the trouble with any track day aspirations is that I'm not sure if I could bring myself to push hard on the track knowing that I'm riding my pride and joy. Therefore, a separate track-only bike mike make sense if I could find a way of making it happen. Or a hire bike?

    Arrgh. I'm getting all in a muddle again :)

    I am planning to spend this next year getting as much training as I can. CSS is on the cards as are Advanced I+II at either HART or Stay Upright. I need to get back in touch with robsalvv about on-road training too. Why do I mention training? To help paint the picture that although I'm serious about having fun, I'm also serious about doing it safely and while maintaining control.
  12. how far did you rev the 600?
  13. Good question.. would it be sufficient to say that it's because I didn't have enough space in the poll? :) Same could apply for the yammies and hondas.

    However.. that said.. in the 600 class, the Triumphs are particularly appealing to me because:

    a) the straight-cut gears combined with the triple's exhaust note makes them sound fcking horn
    b) they do really well in the reviews I've read
    c) they are eminently customisable.. for example, using the free TuneECU software and a cheap cable you can plug into the ECU and change all sorts of stuff. That appeals to the gadget nerd in me, and having come from tuning cars I'd love to be able to get into that with bikes too.

    The new ZX6 looked appealing because of the total package. Great engine. Great suspension & brakes. Slipper clutch. Traction control. ABS (sorry robsalvv). Everything new and shiny. It looks like it would be a ball to ride.

    I guess at the end of the day I have to draw a line somewhere, and as you can tell I'm having enough trouble doing that already :)
  14. I think I got it up to about about 80km/h or so in first - I guess that was around 9 or 10,000 rpm? Sure, there was probably still more to give. I may not have given it full throttle either.

    It went well though.. :) I smiled, a lot.

    It also stopped very well; I was quite surprised at how much of a difference having the dual rotors and big discs made. I certainly wasn't expecting as much of a step up there as there was.
  15. Yeah, you all know what I'm going to say!!!
    Z1000 will;-
    Rip through the twisties,
    Has tons of grunt, (same torque as a '10 ZX10R @3k lower revs)
    Can tour with a bit of luggage added, http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-out...s-honda-vfr1200f-vs-kawasaki-z1000-89863.html (Oddball shootout!)
    So much more comfier than a Super Sport.
    All this & it can still be docile enough to commute :)
  16. If you were considering the Suzuki, why not the GSXR 750. Best of both world of the 600 and a litre :)
    But I still like the new Ninja ZX6R. It looks mint and sharp, plus all the electronic goodies!
    I guess as it is still a new bike, there isn't much known about how it actually ride. Only times will tell!

    Back to your other question about why not just get the ZX10R instead of the 636, if you are a short ass like me, I think the 636 might fit better haha.

    Edit: actually take that back, the ZX6r seat height is actually higher than the ZX10r haha
  17. Yep, the same applies for the MV Agusta too..

    I'm probably of about average height, and I guess you could also say I'm a bit short for my weight :)

    I've sat on the both 6R and 10R in the shop (they were right next to each other), and they both felt about the same to me seat-height-wise to be honest. I don't think that my height would be a concern with either, and if you are a bit shorter I suspect that both might need to be lowered for you.
  18. in general 600's dont really come to life till about 9-10k rpm... up till there they're not too much different to a 400ish bike... it's up top when they're screaming that you start to see their full potential. They're also really good for that reason, they don't accidentally go fast... you can ride them till 8krpm and they're decently quick but wont do anything nasty to you.. so they're ideal for commuting, or for a step up.... 675's have a little more displacement so they have a little more low/mid range push... and the less cylinders you have the lower in the revs your power will come in, in general. so twins come in earlier than 4's... essentially the 1000cc bikes will give you the same power as a 600 but under 10krpm... meaning you havent got anywhere in the rev range to kind of hide and cruise along... you've always got power on tap, and that can be a good or bad thing.
    think about it this way... your VTR probably had about 30hp max. i just looked at a dyno for a cbr600 showing 107hp@13,500 rpm but at 10,000rpm it was only 80hp, and at 9000 it was 70hp. (which is about where you said you rode it to) in contrast the zx10R is about 140 hp @ 10,000 rpm.. or 70hp at 6000rpm........ so on your general commute you'll have the same power at hand and ready to cause mahem as the maximum you got out of the 600....
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  19. The numbers are interesting, and do add some perspective. The other thing that plays into how much actual torque you will feel propelling you forward are the drive ratios in the gearbox and drivetrain. I think the ZX10R is geared taller (I heard someone mention that it can make it to 160km/h in first?)..

    It's also worth remembering that the ZX10R can be dialled down to approximately cbr600rr specs if desired. (others have pointed out the folly in relying on this though due to the probably desire to "experiment")..

    So anyway, one possible solution is that I dial the zx10r down to low power mode. Another is that I cruise around in 6th on the ZX10R, get the same throttle feel as the cbr600 in first(?), or the vtr250 in, well, yeah, lets not go there :) There are ways of taming the mayhem if you want to.

    Also, you're only going to be getting the full 140hp @ 10,000 rpm if you've twisted the throttle 100% open. It's not like just because the engine is at 10,000rpm it's automatically making 140hp. It's ready to, but it needs a conscious decision on the part of the rider to twist the throttle to 11 before all those ponies are unleashed to kick you in the nuts.

    By the way, I'm not really trying too hard to justify a decision to go for the ZX-10R here.. I think it's unlikely that I'll go that way based on advice received so far and also the cost of insurance and/or consumables and/or the probability of immediate loss of license and or probability of making a twat of myself and ending up as another f'wit on youtube who couldn't handle a litrebike :).

    Maybe one day I'll own one of the bikes at the top of the performance ladder, but I think I owe it to myself to make sure I'm fully ready for it first..
    Besides, where's the fun in life if there's no wondering "what if" left to do :)

    I am enjoying the discussion though, and would like to thank you for your input :) It's much appreciated.. :)

    So.. can I strike the ZX10R off the list?
  20. So far the poll results are interesting.. tied between Z1000, Daytona 675 and ZX-6R..

    If I added uniqueness as a criteria, the ZX-6R would have it at the moment, but that's kind of arbitrary.

    Bike: ZX6R
    Pros: New, Currently 'unique' (as in, I don't know anyone who owns one, obviously), Loaded with tech goodies, Sexy bike, Fared (therefore comfortable at open-road speeds 8-[)
    Cons: New (possibly prone to as-yet unknown failures), Exhaust note not as nice as the Triumph, Expensive insurance, Not ideal for traffic/commuting/longer rides, not sure about availability - website says early November and I don't want to miss too much of the riding season!!.

    Bike: Z1000
    Pros: Sexy bike, Comfortable, Cheap(ish) insurance, Good for maneuvering through traffic, could take a pillion and/or luggage easier than the other two.
    Cons: Exhaust note not as nice as the triumph, not as well specced as the others, a bit on the heavy side, longer trips at highway speeds :)-s) could get fatiguing due to the lack of farings.

    Bike: Daytona 675
    Pros: Sexy bike, sounds horn, wins lots of shootouts, nerd central with the addition of a cable + TuneECU
    Cons: expensive insurance, not as many goodies available as for the ZX-6R (ABS, TC, slipper clutch etc), not ideal for traffic/commuting/longer rides.

    I think I need to wait for a few more results to come in.. :)