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Yet another Tassie member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by wobbygong, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. I am under instruction from Iffracem, a "mate", to reveal the origin of my handle, and a bit more. I'll get the nasty part over first - a Wobbegong (yes, I can't be bothered spelling my nickname correctly) is a bottom-dwelling, scum-sucking shark. I, on the other hand, am a lawyer. There is no connection ......

    The better bits - first bike and my learner bike was an A65T (BSA 650). Several years off bikes, then got the Beeza back, did it up, rode it for a couple more years then off again ("can't afford a car AND a bike" says spouse). Back to a CBX250 for a year, then a Suzi Savage for commuting - silly looking, but good for the job. More time in tintops, now 2 years on my Nevada - didn't really lose the roadcraft, but bloody hell, low speed work (especially with spouse on the back) was not fun at first (and still a bit ordinary at times).

    The best bit is that spouse now can't be crowbarred off the back, but I'm trying to tempt her onto her own bike, so I can see if I can start to wear the sides of the back tyre a little. But funny how you think more of pain as you get older - ie not quite so bold as when young & silly.

    Iffracem is an irritating mongrel, but he got me back onto a bike (and to join here) so he has some (minimal) uses.

    See you on the road, John
  2. Welcome and enjoy the forum John.
  3. John, in the nicest possible way, let me say that any friend of JJ's is a friend of mine, and, I believe, or Netrider. Welcome aboard, and it's nice to have yet another half-centurion on the forum....

    {Of course, you're going to muck things up completely for us bush lawyers... :LOL:}
  4. Welcome, see you on the 2nd?
  5. Ha... the inane mutterings of laywer. 'Bout time you showed up numbnuts!

    Hopefully he will poke his head in the door on the 2nd, but not for long, as we don't want to scare away potential new members.

    The 2nd by the way is the middle day of a bike/car/hotrod/trade show in Hobart, more details posted as soon as Mouth 'n Vic let me know what I can and can't try to flog off to the general public. :wink:

  6. Why thank you hornet600!

    (cheques in the mail :wink:)
  7. So by my count, that's everyone in Tasmania on the forums now?
    How many Tasmanians are there , 20 or 30 tops? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. close, 20 or 30 are the ones worth talking to....

    the real taswegians don't like to talk about the other "relatives" that much :LOL:
  9. So Vic, 2 jackets size large should arrive soon, as payment to JJ and me for sitting at a show for 3 ferking days

    Welcome wobbles.
  10. welcome aboard lawyer man.
  11. Nuffint wrong with being a wobbegong. But did you have to have it as a user name?

    Welcome aboard! About time since you've been coming to Hbt netrider drinks since its inception.

    Don't let that JJ decorate your bike again either. Not pretty.