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Yet another Sydney noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SydneyDave, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Hi guys and gals,
    Been lurking for a while around this forum, picking up lots of useful information.

    Having got my L plates a fortnight ago, I picked up my shiny black Honda Spada today. I'm from Sydney, and the bike was on the Central Coast, so I had a fun first ride down the Old Pacific Highway, and through peak hour Sydney traffic. Fortunately I had my g/f and an experienced rider mate in the car behind, watching my back.

    Had awesome fun, and I'm looking forward to coming on some Learner group sessions, other group rides, all kinds of things.

    The bug has truely bitten!

  2. Hey Dave, welcome to NR! :grin:

    Great wisdom already to have your back covered on your first ride in some major traffic, well done, you'll do great! :grin:

    Don't forget to practice the "little things" as well though :cool:
  3. If you ride too fast the L-plates remove themselves :)
  4. Heh, I've already lost 2 off the back...not that I'm pushing it at all!

    Already had my first mechanical problem too, the clutch cable adjustor came loose while I was riding. Fortunately I'm pretty handy mechanically, having worked on cars for years, so I was able to diagnose it and fix it.

    Wish this bloody rain would go away though, I'm not too happy about learning to lean the bike over in the wet!