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Yet another Sydney lerner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hugh50935, May 27, 2010.

  1. Yet another Sydney learner

    Hi all,

    I should admit I cheated by posting in other forums before writing the intro note - was just holding off until I could get a decent picture of my bike. But, with all the bad weather it's currently sitting in my unlit garage, so never mind that!

    Anyway, I live in Sydney's north shore & got my license and bike a few weeks ago. It's a black VTR250 with about 8000kms on it. So far it's been fairly daunting riding on the roads since I work all day & only get a chance to ride either at night or in peak hour traffic, but I've managed to get enough practice on the backstreets to (hopefully) keep myself out of trouble.

    Aside from fantastic riding experience, I'm thoroughly looking forward to not giving lifts/being the dedicated driver for a change!

    So, thanks for everybody's help so far!


    *Argh! I'm usually better at proofreading than this! Blame an exceptionally long day!
  2. Hello fellow learner!
  3. Hi mate. I'm a Sydney learner too. Sucks about the weather atm.
  4. Welcome.....

    Where on the north shore are you?

  5. GDay Hugh

    Relatively new rider myself, Northern Beaches lad here, always up for a ride. Anytime your about, gimme a hit, or PM for a number.
  6. Welcome Hugh
  7. welcome hugh
  8. welcome Hugh. Another new rider here - in fact just came back from from my first ride. Its a bit lonely up here on the Central Coast so I feel I'm really one of you Sydney guys anyhow.

  9. Ahem. Sorry devochka... Now I have to live with the embarressment... (edit: or not - just figured out the edit>advanced buttons)

    I'm in Warrawee - regularly proven to be the rainiest suburb in Sydney. I have no idea how 2+ weeks of relentless rain managed to coincide perfectly with my purchasing a bike.

    Anyway, as soon as the weather improves though I think a relaxed run from Wahroonga to Barrenjoey Head via Church Point is order.

    Thanks for the welcome!

  10. [strike]lerner[/strike]
  11. Welcome, Hugh!
    Enjoy :grin:
  12. Hi Hugh,
    Welcome to Netrider. You might be interested in joining our newly established "Saturday Morning West Head / Church Point Breakfast Ride" (refer to NSW Rides under the various forums to read the full thread). It is so new, we are still trying to get in our first ride tomorrow morning, if weather permits. We're meeting at Maccas at Brookvale, departing at 8AM. If you can't make it then keep us in mind for the future. There will be a wide variety of riding abilities and the ride will not be fast; it is an opportunity to meet up with other bikers in the area.
  13. Hi Richard,

    I was eyeing that ride, actually. Sadly I have to work all the way in Menai this weekend :(.

    I'll definately be up for it on following weekend though!

  14. Hi Huge,
    Our ride was rained out for the second Saturday in a row. Hopefully third time lucky next Sat. Looking forward to meeting up with you then.

  15. Hi Hugh,
    Sorry I called you Huge. A case of the pot calling the kettle black! We're still trying to get our ride off the ground. Keep checking our thread and we'll hopefully see you soon.