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Yet another standard bites the dust

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. So some AFL players want the 'Fairest' bit dropped from the Brownlow Medal criteria. How typical. They want to be able to elbow people in the face, and behave like thugs on the field, but NOT have that taken into account when deciding the BEST player. I hope Andrew Demetriou consigns this crap to the bin, where it belongs.

  2. The issue is that in today’s game there are more field umpires, more cameras, trial by video etc.
    A player can get suspended because accidental contact these days and be ineligible to win the brownlow.
    In the past a good player using sneaky thuggery tactics could finish the season with the medal around his neck.

    Another point is that the AFL is taking the hardness out of the game. A player can get suspended for doing alot less.

    It's not about taking the 'fairest' bit away from the brownlow, it's about compromise.
  3. So they need to review the accidental contact rules, not drop the criteria for best and fairest.

    Players get done these days for stuff that barely raised an eyebrow 10-20 years ago.
  4. Hornet what the majority who want to change is that if you get a reprimand with no banned games then ou should be eligable for the Brownlow. This is a fair rule and I think will come into play soon.

    The debate is lively in Melbourne and is getting very heated but in a full contact sport like AFL you will get some minor infringements that shouldn't proclude you from the award.

    But hey what do I care with Goodes etc out of the picture maybe this will be Richo's year!

    Richo Richo man, I wannna be a Richo man!

  5. come on - all afl players are thugs. none deserve a medal. they need lessons from bike racers in civilised behaviour :wink:
  6. Or NRL players :twisted:
  7. Don't get me started on THAT lot :LOL:.
  8. oh No. Not footy rivalry again.
  9. THey're all boofheads, AFL just has more hair gel!
  10. I thought most AFL players were bald?
  11. Yeah, they just use the hair gel as the slippery stuff on their arms so their opponents can't grab 'em.

    I agree that the sport is going soft. Bloody pansies. Before you know it they'll be acting like Italy's world cup squad in '06. :evil:
  12. couldnt have put it better myself :applause:
    if trying to smash a player's skull with yer elbow while the ball is 30 odd metres away exludes a player from brownlow medal eligability,no-body would win it.
  13. Like Biaggi and Rossi a couple of years ago? :p

  14. Lets hope they consign that bumsniffing game in the northern climes to the sin bin as well.
    Talk about thugs! look closer to home mate.
  15. Don't worry mate, the best and fairest will always be the BEST and FAIREST. People just get upset when their favourite player gets sidelined for being naughty!