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Yet another scare debunked

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 31, 2008.

  1. from news.com.au

    AUSTRALIA'S childhood obesity epidemic has been "exaggerated" and government-led national prevention efforts may be misdirected, with childhood obesity only increasing in lower-income families.


    I wonder if they did the same survey on diabetes, colon cancer, etc, they'd get the same sort of result??

    And how come if EVERYTHING we do is bad for us, and costing the economy billions, and killing us, we are living longer than humans have EVER lived before, with better health well in to our seventies and eighties???????

    And how MUCH influence do the drug companies have into government policies?
  2. ... and deteriorating health of those using their products?!
    Can you say "Ritolin for infants and young children"???

    Mental note ... don't get started ... it's the weekend - relax & enjoy ... now where'd I put that natural to be burned and inhaled medicine??? :grin:
  3. Increased preservatives in our food? :p
  4. so the people in the bible are not human ???
    didn't they live into their high hundreds ?? :p
  5. Poor kids are getting fatter, middle class kids are getting anorexia. In both situations better intervention from parents in their own habits and what they give their kids is the answer. And for that, we need education for parents. Ain't no substitute.

    Setting up the incentives so fresh fruit and veg is cheaper than fast food would also help a bit, but the parents need to know how to prepare it and make the time to do so.
  6. A few years ago when my daughter was doing VCE I helped her with a subject called "Human Development".

    In it the authors of the text books refered to socio-economic factors when determining the levels of health of Australians.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly they suggested that poorer people were less educated and also less inclined to make the effort to provide themselves and their kids with a balanced diet. As a result, they have more health issues and as a result, are a greater burden on the public health system than those who are up the socio-economic ladder.

    Poorer people tend to eat poorer quality food because that's all they can afford to buy, or not educated enough to buy the cheap stuff that is good for you.

    I s'pose you only need to rock up to the local fish and chip shop on any given night to get an idea of who's in there getting dinner for the family. I s'pose 5 bux of chips, a few dim sims and potato cakes goes a long way to feeding a "working family" these days...

    And yeah, I admit to frequenting these establishments. I'm usually getting something like a hamburer or souvlaki, though. Not that these are any healthier than if the missus cooks a grilled chicken breast with a nice salad on the side. Which she does, but the burger is often a quick meal on my way home from work late at night, rather than the norm.
  7. Seeing as most of the obesity figures I've seen are based on Body Mass Index and since BMI absolutely sucks as a means of determining a healthy weight for height figure (although it's better than the rigid tables that used to be used), I've been taking the whole thing with a pinch of salt (ooh, watch those sodium levels :LOL:) anyway.

    The only worthwhile measure, that I'm aware of, is fat as a percentage of body weight, but, I suspect, less comprehensive records of this exist for the population.

    But then, since the anti-smoking industry have largely won their battle, I guess they've got to find something else to beat us over the head with in order to maintain their relevance. Hence the demonisation of alcohol and fat that we now see ramping up.

    It's all another symptom of the wowsers having their hands firmly on the levers of power at the moment.

    Statement of position. I'm an unfit fat bastard, but I held the same views when I wasn't :grin: .
  8. Just on the body fat topic:

    According to BMI, I'm obese. According to the body fat scales I have in the bathroom, I'm a about 6kg above average... that's hardly obese!

    Fast food isn't the cheapest food around. A kilo pack of pasta, a bottle of dolmio sauce, a head of lettuce, a bag of frozen veges and a loaf of bread would satisfactorily feed a family of four... and that should set you back about $12... even less if you go the no name brands. (Dunno about the amount of salt though)

    With $12 at the local fishnchip shop, you'd have to go the the chips, dimmies and potato cake route... cholestorol here we come!
  9. That always amazed me when I lived in Newcastle, and I have also seen it in Queanbeyan. People queueing up to buy fast food for teh family's evening meal. It is very expensive as you have noted($30 a meal for a familo of four? That'd buy you a LOT of groceries), and the 20-30 mins it takes to go out, order it, wait, and bring it home can easily have you grill some decent budget meat, peel, chop and boil some vegies and mash some spuds. And I can guarantee you will get away with a meal like that for a family of four for under $20 a meal. And there are plenty of other cheap options, like a simple roast chook and roast vegies. 10 mins prep time, in oven for two hours, and presto! Done. Or teh pasta you mention.
    The real reason people buy fast food is pure laziness, nothing more, nothing less. It is neither cheaper nor faster than preparing at home.
    There is also teh factor of having to actually plan food for a whole week when buying food, which is not hard, but many can't seem to grasp the idea.

    Don't even start me about how "poor" people whinge about being broke, but blow $100 on ciggies and beer a week..........

    Regards, Andrew.

  10. spot on!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:

    it sh1ts me that they go on about no money for petrol or food but always seem to have a case of beer or full pack of cigs :?
  11. If I remember my survival training- 3 minuets without cigis
    - 3 days without beer
    - 3 weeks without food
    Seems simple enough to me :p
  12. ...I guess you deserve a smoko after surviving 3 minuets... :LOL: ...what's your preference, the dancing or the performing??? :? :p

    ...ah the internet... endless typo driven comedy. :grin:
  13. woops, you get that on the big jobs :LOL:
  14. It's also because the food industry has a lot of very well-educated people who are very good at exploiting the uneducated.
    It's definitely laziness driving "convenience" foods though, why else would people be willing to pay so much for things like apple slices or pre-boiled eggs.
  15. Or my favourite, Mc Cereal! :roll:
    How is it quicker to eat cereal at maccas than it is to eat it at home?

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. no shit, me too Rob.
    and thats after dropping 10 in the last 3-4mths now that my spine has mostly recovered.
    as you can see in my pic in my sig, (though i am that, minus 3 or 4) i am clearly a big Bat Fastard!
  17. Absolutely blew me away the other night while shopping when I was looking for frozen vegies in the freezer section and spotted -- frozen mashed potatoes, with parmesan cheese.

    FFS, how hard is it to boil a few spuds and beat the snots outta them!!??

    And right next door to that ... packets of cooked white rice -- frozen.

    Is it just me????? :shock:
  18. yeah, ain't that just un-Australian??? And I was in Bunnings the other day and saw a read-made billy-cart too :shock:.

    Seriously, as the smarmy skinny doctor told me last year at one of my check-ups 'you should be the same weight as me'; he was not amused when I told him the last time I was the same weight as him was when I was 16.

    Of course there are overweight people around; but I bet they've always been there, it's just that the drug-company-induced hysteria about it makes you notice them when you didn't before.
  19. With _iceberg_ lettuce going for $3.50 last week... :?
  20. No, there are more fat people around - nothing to do with drug company induced hysteria. Just go down to your local hospital or morgue and ask them - the equipment they have for moving bodies, etc is no longer big enough to cope.

    Sure there have always been overweight people around but grossly obese people were unusual. Go and look at a photograph of a crowd in say, the 1960s and compare it with a current crowd photo and see if you can spot the difference.