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Yet another SCAM *yawn*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nathanshnoz, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. well my bike is up for sale at the moment and i get this email yesterday:

    the following Used Bike Lead was generated by bikesales.com.au
    > Make: KAWASAKI
    > Model: Z750
    > Year: 2006
    > Colour: Black
    > Price: 6500.00
    > Name: Sarah
    > Postcode: 2001
    > Mobile Phone: 47000000
    > Email: saypett54@yahoo.com.au
    > Comments:
    > I want to know about the condition & asking price?. And maybe send me some other photos if any.

    then, already feeling like its a scam i send back:

    'Bike is in very good condition as u can see from the photos. Asking price is on the bikesales. I do not have any other photos of the bike.'

    then i get this reply:

    Hi mate, I have looked at it a few times now, and after looking around, I'm pleased with the price & great condition.
    I'd love to have a bargain, so i want to get it as soon as i can.
    I would be able to make payment through paypal, i find it the easiest way to use my credit card safely. I work presently on the sea (marine)
    so i hope you have a paypal account, if you don't, you can make one in a couple of minutes, and when you do i will be able to send the money instantly. It is the fastest way i can make payment. I really don't like using my credit card for i don't like to give away my details. So if you can make a paypal account it would be really good. If you have one already, You may login to your paypal account (if you already have one) and use the request
    money button at the top of your paypal account home page in order to send me a money request invoice to my paypal account which is saypett@yahoo.com, then I will be able to use the direct link to pay from the invoice on my paypal accout. It is very easy to set up, go to www.paypal.com and get it up (if you don't have one already).. About Transporting. I will need your full contact address so I can make preparations with a transport agent that will come for the pick up. After you have the payment through paypal, agent will proceed to pick up from your location to my home in Middlesex,UK.

    P.S: I will also include paypal 3.4% transaction charge in the payment so that won't be a problem for you to receive the money and we can have a fair transaction, You are expected to send me
    -a Paypal money request invoice soon
    -Your full contact address so I can get an accurate price quote from the transport agent

    You may ring me on +447543318118 we can talk if I'm chanced to receive your call, I get so much busy at work.

    Ms. Sarah Petrelli

    since im not retarded, i will of course not reply and report this to the appropriate areas. just thought i would post it up to keep reminding people to BE CAREFUL and DON'T BE FOOLED.

  2. Yup, I had one too.

    "Hello Holly,

    Thanks for the mail.My name is Capt.John Fraton, I'm a sailor. I work as a river Pilot on the St-Lawrence river in Quebec.my office: Pilotes du Bas-St-Laurent but my family lives in Perth Australia. Due to the nature of my work,phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted but i squeezed out time to check this advert and send you
    an email regarding it so i do not always have much time around me.i will pick it for $4000 as i do not want to go hard on negotiations.i will be paying you with my credit card via my PayPal account,If my offer is accepted send me your email with PayPal(invoice) including your full names so i can pay in right away.Don't worry about the pick up,my shipping agent will be coming to pick it up.
    I'll like you to send me your address so that my shipping agent can figure it out and come for the pick up and other necessary things on receiving the payment.

    Thank you."
  3. I've got a caravan for sale in the Trading Post: similar story, again from UK (initial contact via text message) and insistent that I should use PayPal.

    Another scam going is for used helicopters (really!) out of UK. A mate is after a Robinson R44 and has followed up two adverts in MyPlane, both for aircraft that were sold in the past year out of UK, using the original owners' names. Apparently run out of Nigeria, the scam wants money up front to inspect the helicopters ](*,)
  4. Yeah I got the text message first too
  5. Hahaha, love your work Goz. Sounds like this 'Sarah' lady lady doesn't know what's about to hit her !
    Karma.....it's a beautiful thing ! :)

    Nathanshnoz - thanks for posting that for all to see as a great reminder.

  6. Hey Nathan,

    I got the following a few months ago from bretcoans@live.com

    Hi thanks for mailing back,the phone reception is really poor out here because of the stormy weather we've been having of late.I am an oceanographer, i am at sea right now,i am buying this for my dad as a surprise gift and I will be happy if you can get back to me your suitable amount you are willing to sell it, i am unable to come and inspect right now,as i wont be back for a while and i want it at Dad's latest in a week's time, if you can send one or two more pics (if you have) , if you dont its ok.I can only pay through paypal at the moment as i dont have access to my bank account online(i dont have internet banking with it),but i have it attached to my paypal account, and this is why i insisted on using paypal to pay,all i will need is your paypal email address to make the payments,and if you dont have a paypal account yet,its pretty easy to set one up at www.paypal.com.au,i will be expecting your email.I have a pick up agent that will come for the pick up after payments has been sorted


    Sounded REAL legit...F*&kwits!!!
  7. I have not received any scams yet about my bike

    but then again who would want too buy a Yamaha right ?? LOL :)
  8. I had my old ZZR on BikeSales a couple of weeks ago and within a couple of hours of going live I got a similar email.

    It was a bit quiet at wok that week so i fired up and old old old yahoo account and emailed him back a few times. :D

    Went over a couple of day and the sucker thought he'd hooked me.
    He started to get really angry and forceful at one point:

    "Just get go and make the payment to the shipping agent now and send me the Western Union MTCN!"

    Yeah right buddy.
  9. Careful mate. If you send from your own email address then your begging to be spammed.

    Set up a fake yahoo email address first, then send from that :cool:
  10. See i actually DO work out at sea, but at least i dont use a scam template when i try and buy something. LOL.
  11. I just got a text message, even though I thought I'd taken all my details off the net???

    My bike is no longer for sale, and I get this:

    "I saw ur ad on d internet & will like to know if the Bike is still available 4 sale. Do get back to me on my personal email: sarahclrk75@gmail.com Thanks Sarah"

    Please email bomb her/him too Goz.

    Oh, and if you check the text message, you can't reply to it. It's either one number or their name.
  12. I had 5 of these scam emails, I wonder how many people fall for it. I have decided that if any one is interested in the bike they have to come and look at it.
  13. Hell yeah. No way I'd ever sell a bike to someone I couldn't meet and who was stupid enough to buy without looking - even if it WAS legit (which none of them are), if they were that stupid, they'd probably write my bike off within a week.
  14. There's a site you can report the email too and the folks there spam the address into oblivion as a community service. :) They also have instructions on how to string them along so that they're tied up not scamming other people.

    Cant recall the site. lol
  15. Yeah I got a similar thing whn mine was up... although the sender was a UK phone number!!

    Also got a text from Quincey's the same day - that's more spam than scam... Actually... I did end up selling it to him in the end! lol
  16. They do it with Buses and businesses too. And even tho paypal say they guarantee payment they will do nothing to protect your money because theyre shifty all of their own.
  17. I got the same thing when selling my bike. I baited the scammer, John James, and wanted to see how much they wouldnt care about the "actual" condition of the bike...
    John James:
    just wanted to make sure all bases are covered,i will purchase at the listed price and payment will be sent using PayPal and i will be needing your email with PayPal for payment or you could send me an invoice(ill handle the PayPal surcharge,you just let me know).Make sure you get back to me so that we can arrange for pick up as i will like the item to be picked as i am out of town at the moment. I await your reply. Thanks
    Hey actually the bike has no tyres at the moment, and the back brake is a bit fishy and tends to lock up. I was doing burnouts with it today hence i removed the back tyre. The front one just popped randomly. It still works though!
    John James:
    Thanks for your mail...I can fix all that when get to my home you just dont worry okay.My shipping agent will come for the pick up when the payment is complete.Kindly get back to me with your PayPal account email address so i can proceed with the payment immediately.
    Oh and I forgot to mention that all the photos on the net are not of my bike. They are just off some other ad. I found awhile ago. The bike is actually purple with pink stripes. My sister put some pink ribbons on it as she was riding it the other day. She also happened to drop it when she was riding it, so there is a large scratch/dent in the exhaust and the left hand side fairing. It fell on her but luckily the exhaust took all the weight of the bike and she didnt get hurt. However there a very large dent, and I think it may even have a hole in it.
    I forgot to add that there is still about a dozen pink ribbons glued onto the bike, so you will have to remove them, as my sister used somekind of very strong glue.
    Sorry for the trouble. Hope you are still interested in buying the bike.
    Do you have any family?
    Are you still interested? I am very keen to sell.

    John James:
    Okay no problem about that...Just get back to me with your PayPal email address so i can send the money into your account immediately.can you send me more picture of the bike?
    Ok well that is great. Now that you know everything, I would like to know somethings about you.
    I want to make sure the bike goes to a good home, and hence I require a description of your life and history, and a picture of you. Please get back to me with this information and we will then proceed with the sale.

    And then he finally didnt reply so i hurled a ton of abuse at him for being a scamming prick... which i wont post up here...
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