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Yet another road hazard!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gunissan, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. As if we don't have enough to watch out for, what with inattentive drivers, debris, potholes, puddles, magpies etc. Now there is someting else to add to the list;


    A motorcyclist in the US who was struck by lightning managed to stay on his bike and pull over to the side of the road but had to ask a fellow rider why he was there.
    Martin Zapalac was riding in heavy rain on a Washington state highway on Thursday when he noticed a rider on the road in front of him momentarily light up as he was struck by a bolt of electricity, KIRO TV reports.
    "All of the sudden, boom, his helmet lit up and it looked like it hit right on top of his helmet," he said.
    The unfortunate rider, Michael LaDue, amazingly managed to stay upright after receiving the massive voltage and pulled over to the side of the road.
    Mr Zapalac rushed over to Mr LaDue and asked if he was okay. He was surprised when the rider asked him why he was stopped.
    "I said 'well you just got hit by lightning,'" Mr Zapalac said.
    The thunderstruck rider then surprised Mr Zapalac again by getting back on his bike and riding around 800m to a petrol station further down the highway.
    "When he took his helmet off the whole side of his head, the hair was singed off and his ears were burnt around the edges," Mr Zapalac said.
    Paramedics treated Mr LaDue at the service station before taking him to a local hospital in a stable condition.
    Mr LaDue is part of a motorcycle group called 'The Iron Butt Association', which prides itself on taking extremely long distance rides and being very tough.
    The bracket around his licence plate reads "The world's toughest motorcycle riders", a tag that a local fire captain who helped treat Mr LaDue said was "very fitting for him right now".
  2. In before "What a shocking story".
  3. Wonder what the bike was. I can see anything with complex electronics getting a bit upset by a lightning strike.
  4. Wonder if insurance would pay for this or claim it as an "act if God"*

    * note before I'm flamed this opinion comes from one movie I've seen.