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Yet another rider killed last night!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bond Girl, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Just heard on Gold FM another rider killed last night on the Western Ring Rd after hitting the guard rail! It is thought a car may have been involved! Apparently he was only 20y.o. Condolences to family & friends. Please take care out there folks, we've lost too many already this year!

  2. yeah...
    heard same.... very angry if a car is involved

  3. Sad sad news. Our thoughts are with his family also.

  4. no good,if there is witnesses for this incident i hope they got the car details.
  5. poor bugger. Feeling for his family.

    Look out folks, its a jungle out there.
  6. We will miss you Farno.

    I only meet him just a few months ago. He was a top bloke. He was supposed to be the Best Man for my mate's wedding this Sunday. What a tragedy!
  7. Condolences to the family and friends. Be careful out there guys.

  8. Deepest sympathies from me and my lot.

    Try to make it a safe 2005. We've lost enough to last a lifetime already.
  9. Deepest sympathy to your mate and all of Farno's family and friends :( . Not that any words help in situations like these but with the end of one life there is the start of another. In this case, your mate getting married this Sunday :)
  10. Went past there tonight.

    Some photos of where it happened.


    I didn't know Michael but my condolences to the family :(

    Be careful out there people.

  11. I cant seem to find the pics Tony, can you point us to the correct gallery

  12. Anyone interested in doing another WRB awareness ride? Was just posted on the MRA forum by John Karmouche that a WRB was involved and it's about time we made our presence felt again.
  13. condolences to family and friends

    channel 10 showed it on the 6 o'clock news tonight mmmmmmm.......
  14. Condolences to the family and friends. Always sad to hear a biker lost. :( Take care all.
  15. Whats the point?

    I mean really.

    Riders make a shit load of noise for a few hours and then what?

    I have said for years that if you want results you need a sustained effort. A sustained effort is not what youare going to get, trust me I know.

    If you had it in their faces for a long period of time then perhaps you might achieve something, but turning up for a few hours telling the media you are angry is just short of pointless.
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  17. Gracias.

    Bad news :(
  18. Tony , Dale and myself were there tonight peiceing together what we could from the scene.

    I would how every suggest that no WRB ride happens until all the facts are clear.
    There allready has been one post stating what has happened and many details of this are incorrect.

    This was my post to the MRAA forum , I only place this up so people may get an idea of what (may/appeared) have happened and it would be premiture to hold a protest rally in regards to WRB using this as an example until all the facts are clear.

  19. Guys - I know everyone is up in arms about the WRB issue, but can you keep your focus on the lost rider and his family here? There will be time for recriminations later - right now, our efforts are best spent in support for those who are left behind.
  20. Deepest condolences to the family and friends.