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Yet another rider down...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DrSlug, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Another rider down.

    No it wasn't me though.

    Decided about 9ish tonight to go fill up the bike and have a wizz around after doing that, riding down cranbourne rd frankston when i see on the other side of the road ( lanes are split by trees and such) a rider on the ground with his bike laying beside him. Had to go up a fair bit further to turn round and see if he was alright. When i got back around a guy had pulled over and helped him up.

    No damage to him, just a sore wrist. The GSX-R600 was fairly stuffed looking, left handlebar non existant and most of the left fairing scattered over roadway.

    Turns out he had just got on it and was just coming out of a turning lane to travel along cranbourne rd when he hit some oil that was on the road from an accident that was there about half an hour before( knew this happened cause my sister told me she saw it) You'd think the tow truck driver would of done his job and cleaned this up or called the fire brigade out.

    Didnt catch the guys name, but if he's from here, let us know how you went with getting the beast home and your wrist.
  2. Hope the other rider was okay, what is it with this week and people crashing anyway. Thinking we're going to have to organise a "stay at home and don't go anywhere near the road day" just to try and normalise things out a little.
  3. Do you mean from Melbourne or from Netrider.

    Hope he's ok and gets his bike fixed quick.
  4. Netrider, he said he was from Seaford.
  5. Its about time someone sued a towie for accidents like this. Their argument is that cleaning up is dangerous. So is hitting oil or coolant or having a high speed flat on a bicycle.

    They seem able to do their job in other countries. Annoys me
  6. Well it wasn't me
  7. I thought that it was the responsibility of those involved in the "accident" to clean up the mess.
  8. Exactly, or even call out the fire brigade to do a wash away. When i was in the fire brigade we got called to heaps of washaways, most of them very small spills that weren't very exciting things to go to, but at the end of the day if it saves someone else having a crash, isnt that the main thing.
  9. If you contract with a towie to clean up your crash.. thats what he is paid for.
    And yeah if its dodgy call the fireys But dont just leave it.
  10. So how does that work , when the mess is created by the act of hooking up a tow truck
    , ie when it gets moved or pulled apart if multiple vehicles ?.
  11. Spoke to the taxi /tow truck control board today,

    The towie is responsible for cleaning up the hard mess
    liquid spills are supposed to be reported to the CFA/MFB/Vic Roads by the attending police officers
  12. About time we started reporting towies then
  13. Re read the post above your last. Tow truck drivers are NOT responsible for liquid spills, they just have to report them.
    What, you think a tow truck should carry a couple of tonnes of concrete powder? Maybe a couple of thousand litres of water too? You'd be the first to whinge when a tow cost $500, due to the fact that the towie would now be wasting hours at every small incident, as well as consumables. Following this logic, we should report everyone riding a two stroke.....or perhaps we should sue councils who use bitumen for roads, it has oil in it you know......
    The fact is, oil is a big hazard if you have two wheels, it is not going to disappear from teh roads completely.
    I bet you have parked a car that leaked oil or had something leak from a car before.....

    Regards, Andrew.