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Yet Another Rider Down :( (Well Not Quite)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. All these friggan posts about riders down is starting to wear very thin. I reckon its high time this shit STOPPED. I am NOT apposed to people giving there condolences etc etc etc on these threads, far far from it. What ANNOYS me is the MISINFORMATION portrayed by the poster.

    Just yesterday Drew put up a thread about a rider down and said
    Why did he say that? On what basis was this medical opinion formed?

    From his observations he was under the impression that because 4-5 guys were attending him he came to the conclusion that he was in a bad way :roll:

    I would have thought that the ONLY people who were aware of his medical situation would have been the attending Ambo's. I am not aware of any people be it Doctor's/Netrider members who could diagnose a person's medical condition by simply driving/riding past from a distance. IMHO

    The other month when Mouth came off he was attended by four Ambo's and was NOT in a bad way, other than to have a broken leg (multiple fractures). But surely a broken leg is NOT in a bad way. Sure Jase would have been in mass pain but I don’t think he was going to die.

    But by Drew's reckoning having 4-5 Ambo's in attendance is in a bad way. A bad way sounds like life and death type of stuff. This is just how the media sensualises a story by carefully placing words into the headings to sell more papers . FOR ALL WE KNOW he may have simply had a sprained ankle or a very bruised shoulder, WHO KNOWS, certainly not a glancing drive/ride by WITHOUT ANY MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE OR BACKGROUND to back up the claims. But even if there were to be some modicum of medical training, I would go hee to find a physician who would diagnose from a drive/ride by. The ONLY WAY I have know how you can POSITIVELY diagnose a persons condition is when the blanket/rug/tarp is draped over the body. Then I think its pretty conclusive IMHO.

    Then raffiki posts up on the Thu Jun 23, 2005 9:19am, telling everyone that this rider
    This too was obviously a roadside pass by and delivered HIS qualified medical opinion. Then all the usual condolences, take care out there peoples, be careful, rubber side up, bloody cagers, R.I.P, my thoughts are with the family posts came flooding in.........UNTIL (never let the facts stand in the way of a good storey) when Mouth set the record straight with a link to the accident and to find out the TRUTH. That the rider was ALIVE.

    So how about a little less guessing people and keep your opinions to yourself and report the FACTS. Maybe report simply that a rider went down or report from what the papers say IMHO AND don't try and asses HOW the accident occured, you are simply GUESSING, unless you have inside information or were a witness.

    Its seems like it’s a competition to spot the rider down or here of a rider down and then you can post it on Netrider. We are ALL AWARE of the dangers of riding unless you live in another time dimension (even then I would not be surprised to find that riding was dangerous there too) or you lived under a rock.

    There have been a lot of Rider Down Threads of late and it does get a little depressing seeing them ALL the time. Will the rider downs stop, of course not, its life, SHIT HAPPENS. Why not start, another person diagnosed of cancer, a heart attack victim again, driver busted driving over the .05 limit, family looses house in fire, girl missing, women r aped, 89 year old bashed and robbed at knife point type of threads as well.

    Well that’s what I have too say about it anyway. I am not saying to stop making these threads (don't loike it don't read it) get ya facts straight.

    Cheers 8)

    Oh and I really would love to see less of these type of threads posted but its the individuals right :)
  2. I try avoid reading all the horrifying posts of riders that come off and the ones of riders that have passed away for the simple reason that it is a massive downer.

    I know for fact motorcycling is dangerous and I do not want it shoved in my face everywhere I look, and if that’s the vibe that’s everywhere I turn then I might as well give up riding and take up heroin, as junkies seem to get more support from the community than motorcyclists do.

    In fact this is the one place we should be emphasising the good, not the bad. Every day we face the mind fark comments and thoughts of non-riders that pass judgment, and what about those low level bureaucrats sporting bad comb-overs that make it their life’s work to over analyse statistics about motorcycle accidents.

    Really is there a need to list every off and detail every injury?

    I believe we should be pro active and share riding tips/skills and improve our chances of getting home in one piece after a ride, and I am sure it would start with riders being in a winning mindset prior to riding as opposed to armed with info on who lost some of their arse cheek during the last ride or that some rider no one here knows bought the farm last weekend.
  3. You read my post in the other thread didn't you?
  4. I personally think we need to loose the threads , once they go up that the mods kill them .

    If you know a rider and he has an off and you want to make people aware of them being in hospital for visits etc , thats one thing , but to advertise every off , considering most of them we dont know who they are or even where there from or even if they are a netrider is pointless and a waste off time.

    i suggested a fallen members section or lost members section for when riders from netrider pay the ultimate sacrafice so we can pay our respects and that there memory lives on and people wanted to change it into a warm fuzzy feeling condolance ,sympathy place as well.
    Thats is not what it is about , say your condolance in the general post , but the other section is there to list the person and there memory when the posts have long gone into archives and been culled.

    coming off is a part of riding , it doesnt matter how much you read , how much knowledge is passed onto you , it will not save your arse in the real world.
    the only thing that will save your arse is common sense and good luck.
    to prove this point you can read as many books as you want about counter steering and swerving , but when it comes to the crunch , its your reaction and what the brain tells your body to do which makes all the differance.

    as for imparting knowledge , we thats a whole new differant thread here , we have recent new "P" platers passing on knowledge , very airy fairy knowledge at that to newer riders.
    i very rarely pass on any knowledge regarding riding, because i dont feel its right unless you are riding with the person and can see what you are looking at.
    I keep my so called "knowledge" to mechanical things, common sense issues , etc , the only time i will pass on any thoughts on another riders ways is if i am riding with them and they endanger me , and then they will surely know i have passed it on .

    people need to sit back and take a few breaths before posting , I am all for a good shit stir , and a muck around.
    but people need to take a valium and relax a little (in general not related to this thread directly), some one puts up a post and out flys the PC political correct police and then the SN safety nuts and then CB critical bastards.
    Its a motorbike site , people will speed , people will do wheelies , etc etc , let them , who cares they are accountable for there own actions.
    If they decide to ride like dicks then so be it , ranting and raving on here doesnt do a thing .
    they want to pop mono';s in traffic , fine , dont cry when you come off , if you pull it off and it looks good , then well done .

    have some fun , its like the 12 commandment ....do it but dont get caught.
    if you do well guess what .....STIFF SHIT wear it.

    we buried a fellow Patriot last friday , it brings you back down to earth when you are standing there watching the family and friends greaving , wondering what they will do in the future.

    theres a ride coming up on the 17th for the ladie (single mum) who lost her life and had 3 kids , (see rides and events section.)
    I will try and get to it but i have a full weekend on with the Patriots , but get out on your bike , show some support , get off the net and have some fun , meet other riders and live a little.
    spend a bit of the pent up energy you waste here on the site , speaking crap (in some cases) and taking the stick to people and do something good with it and help out a family who needs it desperatly.
  5. i'll be amused if Drew comes online and says a MICA was using electronic defibrillation on the downed rider, in which case you'll have to eat your words (do it Drew, do it!) :p

    other than that i hate the unknown rider down posts, i don't frequent 4WD forums but i doubt they bother with '2 4WD's were written off today, stay safe people' posts every day of the week. no-one is learning any new information hearing of these crashes, and flowers stuck on roadside telegraph poles reminds me to ride/drive safe, a new post every day is overkill IMO.
  6. jesus christ dazza go and have a cry mate :roll: ... i think i'll call you kyle from now on hahahaha

    so i was wrong big deal. personally i'm glad i was wrong and the poor bastard was alive... next time i see someone putting a blanket over some riders body i'll keep quiet...

    oooooh misinformation!!!! the cia's out to get you!!!!
  7. Last time I checked this is a motorcycling forum and not one for drug addicts (although some say riding is addictive) or 4wd'ers so of course downed riders will be discussed in the newly named Forum Discussions.

    People drop bikes all the time and a group the size of the forum family is going to spot them on a regular basis (been ages since I've seen a downed rider on the road, as for on race tracks...............).

    By all means post downed rider threads but don't assume their condition is bad. I've seen lots of people crash bikes & cars on race tracks and initially they look bad but I'm constantly amazed at the human bodies ability to take such punishment and bounce back pretty quickly.

    The biggest worry is that I find myself agreeing with most of what groberts is saying :shock:
  8. When I read Dazza's post, I can't help imagining him with Sam Kekovich's dead pan voice, staring dead eyed at you while he's giving the nation a spray :LOL:
  9. perhaps then a completely different forum for rider down posts?

    or maybe you could just not read it.

    i think its valuable in the fact that it reminds people to stay safe. i rarely see flowers on poles and you never hear much about motorcycle accidents in the media.

    but thats just my opinion as with thats just dazza's opinion.
    mm bananas and weetbix
  10. but yeah get the facts straight before you guess
  11. I think a quick solution is to put [Rider Down] in the post name, and Dazza doesn't have to read them. :LOL:

    Anyway, I think rider down posts need to be a bit more carefully managed - not banned though. I would hate to think we couldn't have an appeal to help out Brokey or something.

    I think Dazza's on the money with the get ya facts straight though. Rubbernecking an accident doesn't give you much info on the rider's condition, so either stop and find out, or post asking for more info. The guy could just be inconsolable because he dropped his $20k bike, but yes he could be in a bad way too.

    But let's not let misinformation stop us from making posts, it's the lifeblood of the internet :LOL:
  12. I agree with Dazza 100%

    its like a race in here, who can post up the next rider down story "oh I saw a rider down...must get to a computer!!!"

    if its a Netrider, fair enough, if not let it past

  13. I think it's fair to post if you know the person. Theres a lot of riders who many of the people here know who don't necessarily post on Netrider. The odds are if you know them, other people here will too.

    If you know of someone down in Victoria who's in hospital send the details to Austin Webb who's taken on the MRA's 4B's program (Bent & Buckled Bikies Bureau) for supporting injured riders. They don't have to be an MRA member.

    Austin's email is 4B@mraa.org.au

    Austin & his team will give them a visit and try to give whatever support/assistance they can. At the very least they'll get some free magazines to read in hospital :LOL: (The publishers give us a few for this purpose).

  14. Dazza, don't EVER have anything positive to say??? :eek: :LOL:

    You're an angry, angry camper :p :D .

    I don't think they are a bad thing but hand wringing over every thread is a bit much. Cry for people you know, learn from the mistakes/ accidents of strangers.

    This suggestion that there should be MORE moderation of the threads is a load of sh1t. Like it's been said before, you don't like it - don't farking read it! What we don't need is more moderation, and how much time do you lot think the mods have? I'm sure they've got better things to do than sweep up posts that make some people a little bit saddy waddy :roll: .

    Telling people how to post is an arrogant wank, go find someting better to do.

    It's simple, hit the BACK button and find a thread you enjoy. :)
  15. I disagree for one simple reason. How do you know that they are not a Netrider or someone that a Netrider may know? There are many Netriders I have never personally met so if I see someone down I couldnt say whether or not I should engage the proposed 'f@#k it, dont know them, dont care' attitude.

    The recent thread about the rider killed in Shepparton was of some concern to me, one of my riding friends had moved up there recently. After some checking it turned out that it wasnt him. Even though it wasnt anyone I knew (my condolences to the fallen riders friends and family) I still appreciated the heads up.

    If for admin convenience these threads get put into a separate section, so be it. But for cancelling them altogether I say this,

    Whether riders are joined on Netrider or not

  16. groberts wrote
    So very true .
  17. Yes they are but I really get pissed off reading "our thoughts are with" when in all reality they are NOT with whoever it was.
    In all reality and I know it sounds harsh my thoughts are NOT with anyone in particular if I don't know them or if they are not associated with this forum.
    ffs lets all grow up a bit and not try and sound so damn hypocritical.
    Rider down well shit happens!
    Soccer player breaks leg! shit happens
    We had a bloke drop dead outside my class room and I and another teacher spent 10 minutes doing cpr waiting for an ambulance.
    SHIT HAPPENS. Yes it was sad and tragic but for crying out loud the last thing I would have wanted was to have a forum posting in some teacher gazzette with countless "my thoughts are with him and the family" when in all reality they are not.
  18. Has that been happening? If you are on a crusade to reduce hyperbole then you may wish to start at home.

    As long as you dont know them then they dont matter. I dont agree with you there. Somebody may know them, that is reason enough to allow the threads to exist.

    I'd rather know and I was grateful for the alert. It may have taken some time to find out via other means and I prefer to find out ASAP so I can be there for the family and friends. All facts weren't in, so what. I found out what I needed to know after the heads up.