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Yet another Peter Stevens complaint

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by duncan_bayne, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. It used to be that I thought Peter Stevens was an okay retail store with a shitty service ethic. Turns out the retail store isn't that great either.

  2. good on you, clowns like these need to be told.
  3. oh dear.

    The salesman made a mistake, God damn him.. All sales people should be PERFECT!
  4. ...tad bit over critical there DB.

    Alternative universe ending #1

    ..."Are you sure it'll fit? - It's a really large bike, retro inline four, and has a pack rack."

    "Yes, it'll fit."

    "It's only a large," I replied. "The guy at Jeffrey Honda said their large cover probably wouldn't fit, & suggested I tried you guys for an extra large."

    "No, it'll definitely fit, an extra large would be too big"

    "...hmmm, I tell you what, I'll take the extra large - if it's way too big I'll come right back to exchange it and you can call me a dill... or I'll just use some bricks to hold it down. That'll fine mate, better be safe than sorry. I'll take the XL."
  5. I find it's always a good idea to measure stuff when buying something that needs to fit it.
  6. must say I had a gripe with PS guys in town when my heated grips died on me a few months back, my gripe was about a young guy saying 'send them back to the supplier' I contected and spoke with the Peter who's the customer service manager for sales in the city store, the guy couldnt do enough for me. So far, for me they havent done wrong by me, maybe they need to tend to their sales teams and maybe 'train' them a little better? You can lead a horse to water....Some people shouldnt be in sales... maybe you got one?
  7. ... except they didn't have an XL in stock, so I couldn't have taken it if I'd wanted. I was trying quite hard to reduce the possibility of it not fitting, as I knew I wouldn't be able to make it back to the store before the weekend.

    I'm quite okay with salesmen making mistakes. Not so much when I've prompted "are you sure?" and passed on the fact that another store had warned me off that size. Even after that, and my repeated queries, he was adamant it would fit.

    Anyway, PS called me today & said they can reverse the CC charge if I bring the cover back, along with my CC & the receipt. Got an older guy on the phone, as opposed to the young chap who 'served' me yesterday. Hopefully they see it as an opportunity to provide some training (along the lines of 'under-promise and over-deliver').
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    I haven't really had bad service from them but when I went to test ride a bike (Ringwood) they were very apathetic about the whole thing to the point of seemingly trying to talk me out of it. Found why later, another lady dropped the bike the day before. So I guess perhaps they assumed I'd do the same.

    Salesman also knew nothing of the bike anyway, so I went to Shepparton and bought it at the Triumph dealer there. They were awesome. Couldn't do enough for me - kind of what you expect when buying a brand new vehicle.

    I don't know that its bad service, but I think they are perhaps a bit jaded. Too many people walk through their doors and they've got the lion's share of the market so customer service is not their priority.
  9. Yeah, so obvious he just wanted his sale, no matter how inconvenienced you might end up being. Maybe PS don't reverse sales commisions on returns?
  10. So none of us ever make mistakes????? I think this is overly critical and just an easy dig at PS.
  11. There would be bugger all commission on a bike cover.
  12. there are muppets in all walks of life
  13. Meaning the salesman, or me? 8-[

    Personally I'm becoming less tolerant of muppetism as I get older.

    I'm happy to praise good service through the roof in public fora (in fact I've a page of praise on my website) but I am cultivating a no-bullshit approach to muppets, & wholeheartedly encourage others to do the same.
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  14. I don't think he is being overly critical.

    The sales person said it would definitely fit. It obviously didn't. He was even told that another bike shop had said a large wouldn't fit. The salesperson obviously didn't actually know what he was talking about and or wasn't listening to what was being said to him.

    Oh and by the sound of it Jeffrey Honda deserve a thumbs up for actually providing some customer service.
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  15. Personally always get one a size larger, you can always weight it down with something if need be.
  16. Yup. And maybe I need a slap for second-guessing them.

    My wife flies helicopters for a living, & told me a story about a recent fatal helicopter crash.

    Some folks wanted to be flown somewhere by heli, & approached a local charter company. They refused because the weather was so bad. Instead of taking that as a warning, the aforementioned folks went from company to company, asking to be flown.

    Eventually they found one ... who flew them into the side of a mountain (or something similarly unyielding) and they all died.

    I wonder if I could have done better here by simply listening to Jeffrey Honda in the first place & flat out rejecting the Large, regardless of sales patter to the contrary?
  17. I apply the same principle when choosing a girlfriend

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  18. Yeah, but whatdayado? One says it will, one says it wont. Flip a coin.

  19. Better off going one size smaller there.
    because odds are....
  20. you made the mistake of asking the saleman there questions about the product he was trying to sell.
    you will only get the answer that gets a sale.
    for an accurate or true answer. salesman is the last person you should ask
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