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Yet another P plater story

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Sooty, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Went for a blat up the Bruce. It was pretty busy given the long weekend traffic etc. Some how I got in between two cars (both with P plates) while using overtaking lanes.

    P plater behind me was sitting right on my arse, so I turned around and looked at the driver and shrugged. He stayed there. About 4km later I see him veering to the left in my mirror, I looked around and there he was overtaking me in the same lane, on the left. I backed off so he could fit in between me and his mate in front.

    Rage kicked in and I was close to speeding past him and smashing his rearview on the way but I controlled myself and waited for the overtaking lane that was 500m away. Cruised past him slowly while casting hate and contempt at him though my dark visor :p. Then sped off and put a truck in between us.
  2. yep, i hear you sooty.. a couple of weeks back in Bris, a p plater just swerved straight into my lane (almost into me) i beeped the horn (gs500 standard horn) gave an exaggerated head shake, got home, went on line and ordered a louder horn! ;)
    the buggers will hear me now!
  3. Should have just smashed his side mirror off...

    Always makes me feel better to know that the carnt is gonna hurt at the hip pocket for their stupidity.

    They forget that head shake moments later, but they'll never forget the spare parts department at Toyota.
  4. Gold.

    Now my sig.
  5. ...and if they get your rego and have just one witness? God help you, a witness in another car totally unknown to them? You're ****ed. And what if they are some equally psychotic person and run you down? What if your catch your foot on the mirror? (Most people don't even have the flexibility)

    Don't put these stupid ideas in people's heads!
  6. pretty sure I read something about not suggesting / advocating a violent retaliation as being one of the rules for this vent forum.

    OP well done on how you handled it. Alas I can remember when I was a P plater I pulled one or two stupid moves - nothing as arrogant and dangerous as you received, but poor overtakes, thinking my 2.6L torana had more under the bonnet than she really had and that sort of thing.

    Between you and me, I didn't need someone breaking my mirror off for me to think about what a shit maneuver I'd just pulled... I think you handled it just fine. And I'll bet he felt those death glares, tinted visor or no ;)
  7. I get those urges too, and got a mirror once (20+years ago). Guy went to the cops, they called me in to explain. They listened to my near-death story and were very nice about it, but said they'd have to charge me with malicious damage if the cager insisted. I was lookiing at $$ and criminal record. They then spoke to him (for quite a while), came back and said he'd agreed to forget it if I paid for his mirror. Done deal. I wasn't 'happy' but it was a good result, and 10 points to the cops.
  8. Don't know what you are on about, I wasn't even riding that day, caught the bus. In fact, never even left the house. Swear to god. Case of mistaken identity mate.
  9. I know others have differing views, but I have found that it is absolutely crucial that I maintain my calm in these kinds of situations. If I allow myself to become angry, my judgement becomes impaired and I make poor decisions, possibly putting my own life at risk again.

    If you don't have an opportunity to say a few (calm) words to them (say, at some lights), stay cool, let them put some distance between you and them, and let it go. If you have a camera and it was recording the incident, make a note of the license plate immediately, and make sure you cut a copy into a format that anyone can view on a PC, and burn it to a CD and take it to the police. I regret not doing that in the past, so will be doing it in the future.

    If you provide video evidence, the police are pretty much obliged to do something about it, I would think. If you just call and complain, I think the most they will do is slap on the wrist. But you hurt your case if you lose it, and the driver can make the case that you were violent or whatever.
  10. fixd that for you
  11. omg you are soooooo funny. I mean like seriously, can I get your autograph?
  12. I'll go you one better: a signed photo[​IMG]
  13. Good job on keeping your cool OP.

    I had an instance once when I was in the LH wheeltrack in heavy traffic so I could see in front of the 4X4 in front of me. The car behind me thought that I was offering my lane to him so I re-adjusted my position in front of him (bit closer to massive beast in front but still room), and swerved back into my lane then moved back to my original position and gave a wave with my hand for the cager to get off my rear. The car backed off and once we got to the lights I filtered through and forgot about him.

    Frustrating but coming off hurts and keeping the ego in check is always the better option.
  14. you must have long arms
  15. I had another body part in mind :p

    side mirror...
  16. ive always wondering how much smashing a side view mirror would hurt.. would it recoil aswell? Would it be enough to jerk you off your bike?? I imagine they couldnt come off that easily...