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YET Another NU B

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Denn, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Gidday netriders
    been checkin out the site and reading the forums and wetting my self good to c the sence of humor of netrider members is alive and well
    about me 40+
    got my learners 3 months ago
    ride a honda vtr 250 as much as i can on my days off
    absolute buzz
    thats enough dribble
    later :grin: :cool:

  2. Welcome to the forums Denn and congrats on getting your L's :grin:
  3. Welcome Denn - hope you enjoy your riding as much as the rest of us.
  4. woohoo another old bloke gets his learners! Well done mate and look forward to catching up at a meet.

    Have fun. :grin:
  5. That's not old; and Hornet and Inci will both agree - I'm sure. :LOL:

    It's nice to see a little more maturityhere (actually I take that back - if you were mature you wouldn't be here in the first place. :roll:

    Welcome to the madhouse... :LOL:
  6. On behalf of Inci and myself, welcome to another senior rider, Denn. We do like to have fun here, and all contributions to that are gratefully received.

    And don't take too much notice of TonyE, he's less than a year behind us (and closing fast :LOL:)
  7. But you'll always be that little bit older than me. :p :p
  8. And that little bit wiser..:p :p :p .....welcome Denn
  9. walked into that one didn't I... :LOL:
  10. Yes welcome Denn.

    Beautiful part of the world you live in mate. Must be perfect for riding :biker:
  11. Hey Denn, welcome to the forums.
  12. Hi Denn, I see you live just down the road, well definitly have to catch up for a ride.

    Nice choice of bike also.

    Im not 40 yet but getting there :eek:hno:

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy. :grin:
  13. thankyou 4 da greeting

    thanks for the welcome members u lot crack me up with 4 days off a week i spend bucket loads of time riding little voices say to me healsvile nice place for lunch hmm on da bike lunch at healsvile have done for da last 3 weeks and again this week as well weather is going 2 b orsome me bike good weather day off i'm gone