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Yet another NR Crash...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DeepWater, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Well boys and girls, i never thought i'd be posting up a crash story, but it happened...

    Bascially the jist of the story...coming down king georges road in the left lane, i saw a car in a side alley and saw lights (turns out was an unmarked cop car doin something) so i looked at it trying to work out if it was coming out and was going to hit me, then i looked back and the lights were orange and the cars in front must of saw it was a cop car so rather then filter through they all hit the brakes. i look up to see me fast approaching the car in front knowing im going to hit, slam on the front brakes, next thing i know the back is up in the air (very nice endo), the front loses grip on oil and the bike lands on my right foot. im still dead set amazed how the bike just pulled up and stopped, incredible brakes on it, was glad i made sure i put better pads on when i had it serviced, i didnt even touch the car infront of me, which i thought i was going to hit for sure.

    the guy in the next lane jumps out of the car and hears my screams of, "excuse me sir, may you please lift this bike off my ankle" :LOL: he was onto it like a flash with another and lift the bike off. all were very good. the police came over and ask what happened, i told em my story and they called for the ambo's while i just laid on the road waiting.

    got taken to the hospital, was there awhile waiting, got the exrays and the good news came in that my foot wasnt broken, so i was some what reliefed.

    not much damage to the bike, the marks that were on the tail 99% of it polished off and you cant even notice the rest, and just broken front brake and rear brake levers. the oggy knob took most of the hit (great investment those little puppies were). im going to drop the bike in to get it checked over though to make sure the handle bars havent been bent etc.

    one thing that works out well, as i was travelling home from work, i can claim it on work compo

    just a BIG shout out to all the people who helped out (as two guys were riders, 1 guy who was wearing army gear who looked after my bike, he said he races bikes and the ambo officer who looked after me).
  2. So the cop car had it's lights flashing? or just headlights on as if it was going to pull out?

    It seems like such an old school piece of advice that doesn't relate to the adult world of motorcycling on the road, but "Watch where you're going!" :grin: Heaps of times I'm headchecking to change lanes, and realise I've spent long enough doing it for cars in front to slow/stop, which isn't exactly ideal.

    Hooray compo! Get better soon, dude :)
  3. You got it lucky! No one picked the bike off me when i had my last crash, they just left it on me with the peg that broke on my leg sticking into my leg, lied there for 5 mins before another rider came along and got the bike off me.

    Anyway glad your alright and hope the police don't turn around and give you some stupid fine as they tend to do now and then these days.
  4. Glad to hear that you and the R6 are OK.
  5. i believe they had their lights flashing inside the windscreeen, though only fully worked that out after the crash, something just caught my eye and i was assessing that danger to look back to discover a new danger ahead.

    but yeah, i got very lucky
  6. Bugger!

    Glad you are ok- as far as bike crashes go you came out well. :)
    :tantrum: :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :tantrum:

    Oh, you mean "a" netrider crashed.....whew :grin:

    shit happens, at least you are pretty much ok :)
  8. Yes we'd all be stuffed if Netrider crashed! :p
  9. tsk tsk dave !! ha we still need to go riding now i got of my p's
  10. fo shizzle matty, give me about 2 weeks and it'd be on like donkey kong baby, :)
  11. Glad to hear you are ok,

    You can claim this on workers compensation because you were travelling from work?

    Is that an award condition or something?
  12. Hmmm, looks like the crash may have affected your language processing. I'd get that checked out. :)
  13. Glad it wasn't a lot worse Deep, and the bike hardly marked - good news :)
  14. Now wait for the fine/summons dangerous riding/ neg riding, failure to be in control of the bike to arrive in the mail!
  15. as long as you are travelling straight to home, or straight to work, any accidents occured can be claimed on workers compensation.

    I don't think that will be happening, espically seeing i didn't hit anything, well other then the ground, :) If it does come this one ill be taking to court claiming i was distracted by the police (which i was). dont know if it will get me off or watever, but i wont be taking it laying down
  16. Glad to hear your fairly OK DeepWater.
    Keep safe :)
  17. Somehow i dont think that being distracted by police is going to work :LOL: :LOL:
  18. That *used* to be the case in Victoria a few years ago too, but I'm pretty sure they canned it? Had a mate get cleaned up on his cb350 (yeah, way back when they were new) on his first trip to a new job. All expenses paid for nearly nine months, and he hadn't clocked on.

    Still, I'd rather be workin' :wink:

  19. It depends on your employer.

    My employer used to have it, but no longer (damn!). However if I have to travel to anywhere other than my regular place of work I can claim it.
  20. Thats what I thought, I dont think many people can claim workers compensation for any accidents to and from work anymore, (travelling FOR work is another matter)

    Even Federal Public Servants have lost this ability, and they generally have better conditions in this area than most private employees