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yet another noobie question sorry :P

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by BalmyBrowny, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. g'day all.. am now proud owner of first bike :) at 27 would you believe??!! he he.. anyways... just wondering about products for my bike... if anyone can give me some recommendations on oils, tyreslubes for my 2001 zzr 250 that would be great... i'm putting it in for service next week but would like to more from people who own/ have owned one for ongoin maintenance....

  2. Welcome to Netrider Balmy

    We already talked about engine oil for the ZZR 250 here mate.

    Chain lube is personel choice, I don't like the silicone based ones, left a sticky blue mess all over the back wheel.

    Tires, I always go for a long wearing touring tire, I'm not flinging my bikes around on the road like a GP racer and so see no need for a sticky compound. On a ZZR 250 you won't need them either.
    To be completly honest I always go for the cheapest tires, I could care less about the expensive ones.
    Any tire you buy today is streets ahead of what you could get 20 years ago.

    You need to put a location in your details also, that way you can get advice and help from riders in your home state/city/area.

    If you're in Sydney come along to the Homebush Bay Brewery meeting next Tues.
    If you're in Melbourne check the events forums for coffee nights.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  3. thanks heaps for the link jaq... found it helpful :) and thanks for welcoe .. .this site is great :) lots of reading :) i just dont wanna be a reader an not poster... gotta have input :p i see hat you mean about tires... is lots to choose from and lots of different prices... i dont see the point in buyig a expensive sticky tyre when i dont fly around corners.. they all work pretty much the same pright dont they ??? he he... thanks agian for help :)

  4. Welcome BB, to the friendliest forum.

    27 is a GOOD age to start riding; you've got your crazies out of your system in the 'relative' safety of a car, and you're ready for the challenge of two wheels. And living in Qld, you can ride all year round and not freeze for half of it.

    Jaq has eloquently covered it, and he's a bit older than 27 so there's a lot of wise words there.

    ENJOY :grin:
  5. Hi BalmyBrowny, I diddnt get my licence till I was 37 so youre not that late after all :)

    I use Motul chain lube, find it pretty good.

    Welcome to the forum. :grin:
  6. Got mine at 44!

    I also use the Motul chainlube. Seems to work well. :)
  7. I got mine at 32, first started riding in teenage years, I'm glad I got the 'crazy' road stuff out of me before getting a road licence. It's a good thing not bad thing getting your licence a little bit after teenage years :)
  8. Learners at 39, licence at 40.

    I am like the above posters I am glad I got my licence a bit later, I feel no need to prove myself to anyone except myself.
  9. Learners at 38 and 9 months, P's at 39 and 1 month, so I'll be off my restrictions just intime to have my midlife crisis when I turn 40 and lash out on a new harley :)

    Hi BB, welcome to the boards :)
    I use Belray chain lube, it seems to do the job fine.
  10. g'day all.. thanks for the welcome... i've bought some mtul chain lube as was only brand i'd heard of he he.. i just aasked for one not too sticky....yeah loving riding in qld.... is nice... except now cold snap hapening is a bit chilly at night when goin along... i got my 'sillies' ourt when i was younger and worte off my fave car :( so am definitely not gonna be stupid on a bike.. i know the consequences... glad to see 27 isn't old to start too!!!! he he.. or maybe i'm having a early midlife crisis :p
  11. In regards to tyres sure your not flying around like rossi but there is brakeing,wet weather, road surfaces that differ so my advise is to go for middle range tyres certainly not the cheapest you can find :grin: licenced for bike 29 years ago survived the early period (just) :grin: Good luck and enjoy
  12. yeah true... is good point z900... will definitely look into that... seem to forget that there are more than just corners when riding ;) he he... although at the moment thats the fun bit... will have a poke around at tyres in mid range on next day off that shops are open :p thanks
  13. Sounds like a plan caz :grin:

    It's funny, when i got my bike everyone at work thought i was going through a mid life crisis, but i plan on living to 100 so that'd be 50 wouldnt it ? :LOL:
  14. Ditto with all the old buggers who started late. Got Ls at 30 and licence at 31. Can't agree more about being more sensible. I think it goes along way with a bit of road experience. You'll still learn alot about road craft etc. You'll be suprised how much more you will see and predict when on the bike.

    Have fun and ride safe.
  15. That is good advice guys. Getting the licence later rather than sooner... though I'm only 23. 24 next month.

    Still. I haven't gotten my bike licence yet, am waiting until I can pick up beat up old bike and restore it. Will take it out cruising after that (restoration is 60% of the fun)

    Heh, my driving record to date is spotless, no speeding fines or at fault accidents (one where some lady ran a red light though). Do my best to keep the under 25 fines and deaths low :D

    Shame others don't feel the same way. In any case, congrats on your purchase.
  16. im 20 and a new rider. i really do agree that as you get older you become more sensible on the road. i know most people my age tend to show of to their mates, or even complete strangers.i learn from other peoples mistakes, and just putt along at my own pace and enjoy it. i dont have a death wish!

    nice purchase balmybrowny, i have zzr250 too! excellent learners bike. enjoy!
  17. he he.. thanks zzr chick... i rather like it ;) when did you get yours??? its great that you can putt around at ya own pace a t20... thats when i had my 'sillies' in a car... was very stupid and wouldn't even consider doin anything remotely similar on a bike!!!!