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Yet another Noob from VIC saying G'Day!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dougz, May 22, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Been lurking around the site since I started riding about 8 months ago, (waaaay too many years after I should have) and finally decided it's about time I made myself known.

    I'm 33 shortly and am currently riding a Hyosung GT250R, which thanks to the doofus who ran up my backside a few weeks ago now has a new Megacycle exhaust and some new GPR70's sticking me to the road! It's not my ideal bike, but I ride it pretty hard and have had no dramas with it yet... Famous last words maybe?? :) '

    I don't own a cage so ride everywhere, rain hail (remember Christmas day?) or shine and reckon it's just the best thing on the planet to do! My girlfriend rides also and is desperate to offload her scooter and upgrade to a "real" bike which'll be fun. Anyway, I'm always looking for people to ride with and to be honest am always looking to improve my riding so drop me a line if anyone in Melbourne is interested in hanging out.

    All The best,

    Dougz (Dougall) :grin:
  2. Sory mate but everytime i meet or see some one named Dougal i think of the Magic Rounabout :grin:. But i gues your probably not old enough to know WTF i'm talking about.

  3. Take it easy dude, I was watching the magic roundabout as a youngsta. The one on the pogo stick was Zebbedy I think?
  4. Ahhh time for bed Zebedee. LOL

    and the drugged out rabbit Dylan (thats figures with the era)

    Brian: Snail
    Dougal: Shaggy Dog
    Dylan: Spacey Rabbit (Drugged out lol)
    Ermintrude: Pink Cow
    Florence: Girl
    Mr McHenry: Gardener
    Zebedee: Bouncing Character

  5. OMG you two, stop this insanity, it is bringing back memories :LOL:

    BTW, a big welcome to the forums Dougz :grin:
  6. I'm the same age as Doug and gee those pictures bring back memories

    Welcome to the list Dougz

  7. Cheers for the welcome guys. Looking forward to getting out on some ride days and coffee nights!
  8. [​IMG]
    Way ta go on both counts Dougz. [​IMG]

    Ditch the cage & ditch the friggen moped but don't go ditching the gf.. Not just yet anyway.. [​IMG]

    Mick Gonads
  9. Nah, she's a definate keeper man! \:D/
  10. Good work Dougz. [​IMG]