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yet another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kezza01, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. hi all, i'm yet another newbie here and to biking....nice to be called a 'novice' at 44 years old. :LOL:

    i'm kezza from brisbane - i've had my licence since april this year and my own bike (after saying i really wasn't going to get one) for three weeks now......nice yamaha xv250 - black to go with the helmet and jacket.

    having lots of fun poking around my own neighbourhood getting the feel and confidence back and looking forward to being able to do some longer rides soon.

    also looking forward to learning lots more bout how the whole machine works so that i can be sure i'm looking after my new baby properly so all hints and ideas welcome :wink:

  2. you've come to the right place ;)

    welcome aboard
  3. Welcome, hope you enjoy
  4. :WStupid: welcome to the forums...
  5. Welcome dude...
  6. Hi there...
  7. so does the advice apply to roads as well to walls???? i hit the road last weekend - not too bad and the bike is ok :grin: but i'm still a bit sore.... :(
  8. Congrats on your first fall. Nice to get it out of the way early on. :wink:
    I hope you're alright. I take it you were fully geared up?

    ...and welcome to netrider. :cool:
  9. welcome
  10. Welcome Kezza :)
    I got my Ls in April, so we've been let loose on the roads for about the same time! Bit scary at times, but well worth it.
  11. Hey Kezza, i'm from Brissie as well and plan to get my Ls shortly. Whereabouts in Brissie are you? I'm in the Morayfield/Caboolture area. Hope your not too sore from your fall.
  12. yes, was geared up completely (only riding cause i love leather and helmets lol :grin: ) and boy am i glad - altho i am now planning to get a solider pair of jeans to ride in too.

    but i've learnt that i didn't actually 'fall' - i now prefer the concept of 'involuntarily dismounting' - sounds much less silly....

    and hopefully i'll get a chance to get back on bike this weekend.

    hey roar2life, i live at kallangur so not too far from u. good luck getting your Ls.....maybe by the time ur ready i'll be more confident and able to ride with u.
  13. :lastweek: :lastyear: or when ever it is hope to see you at coffee nights somewhere in this shitty state
  14. welcome! yeah another virago rider. Have fun
  15. glad to see that someone else is cool with viragos. being more on the short side, i reckon mine's great - although i'd reckon that bout any bike i had....if only i could retire and ride whenever i wanted to :LOL:

    and whitelighter - when r the coffee nights where?
  16. WHOO-HOO. Queenslander!
    You have just met an unbelievably wonderful group of people! :grin:
  17. so i've realised, it's great, i love chatting and reading on forums so to be able to combine that old love with my new love of all things bikes is brilliant....look forward to meeting some in person sometime round the place too.... :!: