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Yet another Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by student of insanity, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Hi all, just introducing myself.

    Name is Lindy, live and work in sydney....kids ? marriage? 3 of the former 2 of the latter........not planning to go back for more of either!

    (seriously tho, love my kids, but love my freedom now that they are all adults)
    In January I decided to stop living vicariously through those that owned bikes and went and got my own (an '88 VT250F from eBay) rode it for 2 weeks before it broke down (so much for that)

    Have had my GPX since March and I have already done over 10,ooo ks on it!!! needless to say I love riding.

    So much so that I am going to sell my car and upgrade to a 600 something?? very soon. (been watching the threads about going from a new bike to a bigger but older bike with much interest)

    My dream bike is the Triumph Daytona 675 *sigh* I dont suppose anybody has one for sale for under $7K :LOL: (one can only ask)

    I plan to meet some of my fellow Sydney siders this Sunday and In April I plan to do a solo ride to Perth (unless anyone is free who feels like a 3 weeker across the Nullabor?) I will hopefully get to meet a few of you southerners then.

    And of course will have to get some of you guys (or gals) from Melbourne to join me at the next PURR event since "Ask Vic" is where I discovered it all :demon:

    Plan to put my mugshot in the members mugshot section As soon as I find it!

    Any help in this area greatly appreciated..

    Cheers everyone :bolt:
  2. Welcome, the 675 is a nice bike to aim for.
  3. UNDER 7? no i was looking a a reparable write off and it went for 9k... i was going to turnin it into a hot 675 speed 4 convert......

  4. Yeah...........I did say it was a dream bike *sigh* I'll just keep dreaming (and doing OT till I get my shit together and manage to get a new one, then you will all hear about it!!!!)

  5. Welcome Lindy - bikes a re better than relationships anyway.
  6. Weclome to the forums. Gld you sorted you username issues out :p
  7. too right, my little GPX may be small but "he" never fails to put a smile on my face :p
  8. me too, I just had to have that little icon under my name, not that I am OCD or anything......(did I turn the iron off and lock the door?!?!?!?!)

  9. Welcome SOI.

    PURR event huh? care to explain...
  10. welcome lindy :) glad you followed your dreams. the 675 will come, just be patient :) its all worth it.

    the 06's are beautifull bikes.
  11. Hi Lindy,
    I'm new here to, still working out how things run around here.
    I just sold my GPX, great bike had heaps of fun on it so I know what you mean, I had 13,000km on it in 14mths and only lost about $1000 bucks on it. I hear that the 675 is a nice bike plenty of power & handling even though I'm not a Triumph kind a guy.
    Anyway see you round the forum.

  12. Hi & [IMG:55:36:4b3018a80e]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/sgcooke/Smiles/welcome.gif[/img:4b3018a80e]
  13. Welcome Lindy
  14. :biker: Hello and welcome
  15. Welcome slow coach, lol. Glad you worked everything out. Catch out there. Might see you tomorrow for the ride to richmond.

    Cheers Lou
  16. hey how ya doin... i love the 675... however there was a nice big t595 on ebay for 5k the other day... quickly went up and UP and UPPPPP in price
  17. Well I was browsing "ask Vic" a couple of months ago and he mentioned PURR, but wouldnt tell me what it was all about until I "came to Melbourne and proved myself" lol

    So I did a google search and.....well it looks like my kind of party! Couldnt make it to the last one but have the 15th December earmarked in my calender for a "Red Christmas"

  18. hey

    the 600's are soo much fun .
    would love to ride the 675 one day

  19. hey

    the 600's are soo much fun .
    would love to ride the 675 one day