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Yet another newbie...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by art, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Hello All,

    Been reading forum for couple of months but this is my first post. First of all thanks everybody for interesting and useful postings.

    As for me - actually nothing original. Never had a chance to ride a bike before. Started thinking about bike not so long ago mainly as a way to get to job (but also to have some fun, of course).

    Passed pre-learners course last weekend, got L's today and... bought GSF250V :) (2000, 43000km)

    First problem - bike is still in his previous owner's garage which is about 50km from my place. Having only couple of hours of motorcycling experience I'm certainly not ready to travel 50km through freeway. No friends with bikes unfortunately. I could hire a truck but I think it needs to be specially equipped? Any advice?
  2. Hello :newb: ! :grin: :grin:
  3. Hi, congrats on new bike. I'm doing my L's next week and will be in the same sort of situation of needing to get my bike home. I've considered riding but like you have to ride on the freeway, can't say I'm too keen on that.

    Rather than a truck, perhaps a friend with a ute or a van(that's what I'll be using) would be able to lend you a hand.

    Good luck with it all and have fun riding.
  4. i'm sure one of the sydney guys could help you out, as long as you got them to the bike! :)
  5. Yeah Art, where abouts in Sydney are you?
  6. Thanks everybody.

    Bike is in Cherrybrook (near Castle Hill) I live in Vaucluse (Bondi). If somebody would agree to give bike a test ride :) I'd pick him/her from home on a car and then bring back home of course...
  7. Pick me :grin:

    Return Flights are only ~$200 :)
  8. ahh.. pick a good quiet sunday early morning.. a ride it home.. hehehe.
  9. Well art, have you already bought it or does it stilll need to be test ridden?

    Anyway when were thinking of heading out to Cherrybrook?

    I would be more than happy to help.
  10. Sounds like a good idea. But having driven in Sydney I don't blame ya for being a bit cautious.

    Welcome to the fray!
  11. Welcome art. yeah, the quiet time ride sounds good, give you some good practice and get to know your bike.
  12. Hello LPCIII,

    Yes, bike purchased. Payed deposit and going to make final payment and do paperwork tomorrow. Was planning to bring it home coming weekend. Current owner may drive bike to North Ryde (to my job parking) if it may help. He's leaving Sydney next week so time is limited.

    Quiet ride...Sounds appealing but I've got no gear yet and probably will not be able to get it this week (busy at work).

    Maybe there any special ute/truck service available (specially equipped to ship bikes)?
  13. I'm in Hornsby, about 20 mins from Cherrybrook. I'm free all day Saturday and Sunday morning, be more than happy to ride it home for you...
  14. Wow! Thank you very much Pete!

    Saturday afternoon would be great! Could you please PM me your phone so we could arrange details?
  15. Sending PM now...
  16. Yet another crisis averted by the gang at Netrider. :)