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Yet another Newbie!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by LowIsuzu, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. My turn to say Hello. "Hello"
    Nick here, turn 20 in 2 weeks, i am very new to riding of the Motor kind,
    been riding pushies for years, bit of mountain (downhill / Xcountry) biking.
    used to Freestyle BMX, but gave up when i bought a car.

    did the Learners course on the weekend, and picked up the licence today,
    now i can ride legally :D hooray.
    have ridden my GF's bike (P_Stampy) a bit, but now i cant be fined if i get caught riding.
    i have been reading theese forums a fair bit when i get the chance.

    buhbye for now!
  2. Get a Hayabusa, good Learner's bikes.
  3. Don't listen to a word.
    LOL ;)
  4. LOL, sat on a Hayabusa the other day actually, was a Nice Feeling :D
  5. well hello there :)
  6. Fancy seeing you here :twisted:
  7. No domestics on the forum, please! :D
    Welcome oh lowered Isuzu; fan/owner of a hotted Gemini, perhaps?
  8. Im not a fighting type..

    nup, not a gemmi
  9. G'day!! Whats lowered?
  10. Jeez mate.. better get that ute looked at... bloody back springs are broken :wink:

    Welcome LowIsuzu... now, seeing you already have the ute, I reckon a Hardley would be your bike 8)

  11. Praise them indeed.

    There is a dood with a teal one that gets around here, its fulli sik.
  12. At least you won't need a ramp to get your bike in the back of the ute!

    G'day and welcome!
  13. So what is THAT supposed to mean!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


    Welcome LowIsuzu
  14. I really do worry about you sometimes, Vic.
  15. welcome very low isuzu..
  16. Hello Nick,

    Welcome aboard :D

    Happy riding


  17. Oh come on?!?!?!?!?!?!

    ONLY SOMETIMES????????????
  18. Welcome LowIsuzu!

    I guess your not a huge fan of speed humps huh? :D :p
  19. well thats the thing, speed humps arent a hassle any more, having adjustable suspension, by means of air, i can go up n down kerbs, gutters, speed humps, not a problem. see pics below...

    Front Up
    Rear up

    and if u want a closer look at how it works,
    Front Bag
    basically, an air compressor, fills a tank, flick a switch, valve opens, lets air into that Big rubber balloon lookin thing (bellow / bag / airbag) inflates it, and lifts that particular corner. there is 4, one at each corner, each controlled independantly.

    easy eh? :p