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Yet another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Petesul, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    Decided to try bikes after 30 years of driving. Permit in September, licence in January, and lovin it. Been out in the heat, hail and now freezing mornings, and have about 8,000 ks under my belt, with a big chunk of them in The Dandenongs. Like Andy, I live in Wantirna South too, so am near the hills. Nod to every biker, even the Harley's that often don't nod back. My GS500F is a lot of fun! What will I get next year??
    G'day to all. Having fun being one of you.

  2. You mean you get the occasional nod from Harley riders?!?! *faints* that's like cruiser riders giving "the nod" first.. it can't be true!


    Welcome to NetRider mate :)(y)
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  3. Harley riders nod back it's just that you are 5 ks down the road by the time the brain gets the message to the neck.
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  4. ^^ yeah yeah - Welcome to NR Petesul and here's a nod from a Harley rider for the one you've missed out on ;)
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  5. Lost your sense of humour tonight @phil01?
  6. "Yet another newbie"

    That's a positive thing man. Stay newbie forever and don't fossilize into some cranky old fart wafting from under the sheet on NetRider!
    The by-line is 'connecting riders' so use this site to meet up with other riders and even try to line up a ride with others one weekend.

    8000k since Sept, that's dedication. I have been over the Dandenong Tourist drive, three times since March. It is a pretty good ride but chilly now.
  7. Welcome. Come on down to Saturday practice at Elwood if you want to meet stacks of NRs.
  8. Better get to Saturday practice so I can perfect my nod technique!
  9. Hahaha how do you like them apples Mr Petesul
  10. Oh no, he's reintroduced my first post!! Bummer, @Mcsenna@Mcsenna, I hate you!! ;)
  11. At least its got you away from over there :ROFLMAO:
    We should probably shift all this to the appropriate thread, dumb ass questions.
  12. I was thinking the same thing about Newton, but I haven't even hit page 2 for my opening thread. At least I have changed my bike....
  13. Let's see what we can do about that... ;)
  14. Oh... I forgot to say...


    (Even though I'm not one of them)... ;)
  15. You sure?
  16. Welcome. And if I buy a harley next I will add you to the list of those to be ignore
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  17. About not being one of the GOONIES? ;)
  18. Danny_TB is SinBandits & I claim my $10
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  19. + Goonies etc.
  20. Actually, @Justus@Justus claims to have spoken to @SinBandits@SinBandits, and says that she is a real person of the female gender.