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Yet Another Newbie with an XVS650

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by smidsy, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Thought it time to show off my ride.
    Got my licence in January doing the Q-ride course and picked up an 02 XVS650 - rides very nice, about the only thing I don't like is the hassle of trying to check the oil via the viewing window.
    As far as I can tell, it's stock apart from the foot boards. I have thought about putting louder pipes on it but working at a school I have to deal with the PC crowd, besides I only plan to have this bike until I can get my open licence.

    PS Ignore the date on the pic, I didn't set the date on the camera lol

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  2. welcome smidsy, now THERE's an original name lol

    nice choice of bike, comfy and looks good too :)
  3. Good looking bike dude! Im looking for the same sort down in Sydney.
  4. Good choice mate! The front floorboards are standard on the classic, pegs are standard on the custom. At least this is how it is in the later models, not too sure about the 2002 version. The sissy bar wouldn't be stock, but the rest looks original. I agree, the oil thing sucks.

    Debuted in 2002, Jardine’s brilliantly engineered Oil Filter Relocation Kit is a must have for your V-Star. This kit turns your oil change into a two minute, no hassle filter change. Includes beautifully CNC'd Aluminum Billet components that are polished and chrome plated to perfection, braided stainless steel oil lines with threaded fittings, screw on OEM type oil filter, and billet filter cover. Complete instructions for easy installation.
  6. AWESOME bike. I got the same in the Custom edition.

    Ride Safe!
  7. Sweet ride mate, ive wanted one of these myself. Should probably just put some V&H pipes on it anyway..you wont be able to hear anyone who complains!
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  8. +1 to that. The best thing I did was put V&H pipes. LOVE them. :)
  9. my first bike was the same but in white.. i placed a set of V+H short shots.. omg sounds amazing.. great bikes
  10. Oil filter relocation isnt needed on my 06 model
    Think its only for 1100cc v stars
  11. I think so too. The 650 has easy access to change oil filters.
  12. Best mod is the clevver lever
    And of course pipes