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yet another newbie rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by teodons, May 3, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, newbie rider here.

    Had my first ride [or rather, to put it more accurately, my first five rides] this past weekend. Good fun.

    Did my pre-learner course 2 weeks ago, and have managed to purchase a decent VTR250, some gear and pass the knowledge test since then. Got up earlier than normal [for a weekend] this Saturday morning, excited as chuff, only to have it start drizzling right as I was dressing up to head out [hnnnngnngngngn, frustration]. Fortunately it didn't last long and I went out after the roads dried up.

    Spent a little over an hour in the quiet suburban streets near my house to get warmed up and familiarize myself with the controls. Stalled a couple of times [which I soon realized was because I wouldn't take my foot off the brake when starting from a stop], but otherwise quite uneventful.

    Emboldened by my success here, I decided to take a longer trip, on a main road that took me up to 80kph! Made it safely to a nearby Bunnings [cable ties to better secure my L-thingy to the number plate]. From there I headed off to a nearby petrol station to fill up [$3!] and then back home.

    Went out again later in the evening and while exiting my street, a neighbourhood kid [~3 years old] on the lawn with his father starts bounding over and waving "Look daddy! A motorcycle!” I waved back and couldn't stop grinning for like 10 minutes. This ride was longer and I went much further than before. I was out for roughly 90 mins, but took large loops on familiar roads [e.g. my usual bus route]. Headed back home once my legs started getting tired.

    I went out again on Sunday, this time to an actual destination: to watch a movie with my brother [so I could put my gear in his car]. Another uneventful ride, but at the parking lot, I fumbled a lot with my jacket pockets before giving up, pulling up my visor and putting the parking card in my mouth D:

    On the way back, had my first encounter with a bad driver. Two-lane road, I was in the left wheel track of the left lane [buffering cars in the right lane]. A car then decides to overtake me without fully changing lanes, so half in my lane and half in the other one. Took me by surprise as I saw them indicate in the mirror and assumed they were going to change lanes. Very annoying.

    Took another long evening ride later on Sunday, and ventured out much further than before. Also ended up on some unfamiliar roads, but was all good. On the way back home, another rider overtook me [large sporty looking bike] and gave me a thumbs up! No idea why he did, but the feeling of camaraderie I got from a simple thumbs up was a bit surprising.

    If you're the rider that overtook me on Sunday evening on Old Windsor Road near the Outback Steakhouse, thanks =p

    Anyways, just wanted to post and say hi. I've found a lot of useful information on these forums in the past month, which helped greatly in a lot of recent decision making.

  2. Welcome to Netrider; there are quite a few "Learner-friendly" Netrider activities in the great nothr-west; check out the ride and social calender entries :).
  3. G'day mate and welcome to the newbie club!

    Come and join us down at Homebush for the learner sessions - Check the NSW Rides/Events forum for details.

    Stay safe!

    Fun Ha!
  4. Howdy! Glad you're having fun!
  5. Thanks =D

    I may show up to the Mean Fiddler coffee thing next Saturday if that's still happening.
  6. Welcome mate. I did 300km on my brand new gs500 this weekend. Before Friday I had never ridden a real bike. Like you, I too cannot stop smiling. Can believe it took me this long to discover what real riding is all about.

    As for cars not fully changing lanes, do yourself a favour and always assume the dominant position, ie ride in the right wheel track (there are exceptions of course). You have to take up that full lane. Get used to riding next to the cars in the right lane, just make sure they can see you, or you have enough space in case one of them decides to pull into the left lane. I have been riding scooters in peak hour traffic for years now, so nothing surprises me anymore. I once had an idiot overtake me on the left when I was in the right wheel track in the left hand lane. I got pretty angry with him, nearly puched the guy out at the next set of lights. Now I just shrug my shoulders and keep riding.
  7. welcome in bud :)
  8. Well done!!! Welcome & it's good to hear you're having fun. :)
  9. Hi ted

    quit doing that, the bastards will eat you alive out there.

    yep, you caused that to happen.
    sounds harsh, but that's how it is chief... car can be at fault technically/legally but you still pay the price for cars error...
    you gave that car an opportunity to do that.

    go toe to toe with the bastards, you should be level with the front wheel if car to your right and preferably out of the blind spots of cars ahead, with your headlight in the mirror of the car in front of you... on top of all that you want to be visible to oncomming traffic on the other side of the road (you were hidden behind another car where you were) because those bastards will turn right in front of you.

    learn how not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    think for the cars around you, what would you do next if you were driving that car> and that's what that car will do.
  10. Well, that sort of seems to contradict what they say in the pre-learner course and the rider handbook. That is, if you're in the left lane of a 2-lane road, you should be buffering cars in the right lane by being in your left wheel track [unless you're also buffering lanes/driveways on the left, in which case you should be in the middle]. Thoughts?

    It's certainly possible the theory doesn't match what works in practice =x
  11. Welcome to Netrider mate. Take note of what Monkeyman says. Can't quite fully remember what the learner book states but he is right and that comes from personal experience on the road. You'll see after a while that the more open a lane or opportunity for a car to move in or overtake you in a lane, they will take it an do it.
    Enjoy the ride...........
  12. Very BIG and warm welcome to you. Hope you have a blast!!:biker:
  13. Welcome to Netrider mate ! Safe and happy riding.
  14. Hey mate, glad to hear your enjoying it so much!

    I agree. if your in the left, right wheel track is where the party is at. Stops people overtaking like that and gives you the whole lane to play with.
  15. ^^^
  16. Thanks guys. Looks like it's time to start asserting myself in my lane >:E