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Yet another newb...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mitty, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Just found this forum courtesy of www.whirlpool.net.au (ah, online forums!). Here's my (probably long winded and boring) story :)

    I originally got my bike licence in 95/96 in Victoria. I did the learners course at a place in Moorabbin which I can't even remember the name of (I don't live down there any more and I'm not even sure it's still there!). I wasn't even sure I was going to enjoy riding but figured why not try it out.

    Well I passed my L's and so figured I better get a bike. Through a friend I got hold of a Honda CB250RS, which was probably a great learners bike. I had it for just under 12 months and then as luck would have it got a transfer with work to WA. Priot to going I did my full licence test and scraped a pass, so I still have my licence. I left the bike at home with my parents and ended up selling it, this was in 97. I haven't had a bike since, and I haven't (sadly) ridden once in that entire time.

    I'm thinking that I'd like to get back into it next year, but basicaly I guess I'm really almost starting afresh, so I probably need to do a refresher course of some sort. I could probably just do the L Plate course again and not take the test I suppose.

    Also I'm thinking about what kind of bike I'd like to get. I'm 6'3" so not short. I always wanted a ZZR250 but money was a concern when I originally learnt and the Honda only cost $900 so could hardly pass it up. At one point I almost bought a brand new ZZR250 on finance, perhaps I should have and I still might be riding today :)

    Anyway if anyone has any advice or suggestions for someone in my situation feel free to go for it :)
  2. Welcome aboard

    Stay safe and have fun

  3. If you've still got your license I'd get a bigger bike straight away rather than lose money on the "250-then-sell-it-after" routine.....
  4. Thanks guys/gals :) Yep Hornet that was I was thinking. I'm a somewhat conservative bloke so wouldn't want anything to large and powerful but I agree a 250 is probably a bit silly especially for someone my size.
  5. One of my posts? :) Welcome!

    Motorcycle Motion, still there :) I got my learners then too, perhaps a year earlier.

    An excellent idea, and I applaud you for it, instead of just jumping on a bike again and going. If you back in melbourne, Ride Tek have a refresher course and give discounts to Netrider members with your membership card :) Checkout the links directory for other training providers if your still in WA.

    If your mindset is good (and sounds like it is since you want to do a refresher course) you can get a bigger sized bike since you still have full license, and ride it appropriately for a while to get into the hang-off it. Then when your ready for a lrger bike, you'll already have one without having to sell the 250. I did something similiar after not riding for a few years. Your options on a bike to select are much larger too when your not limited to just 250's :)
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  7. Thanks guys for the advice. Yep, Motorcycle Motion that was it!!! I always remember the first thing they made you do on the Learners course was actually push the bike around the yard. That totally threw me because it was much heavier than I thought it would be! But soon I was riding around though yep I was a bit nervous, though I did enjoy it.

    I took my full licence test with another mob (I can't remember who, again!) the operated at Laverton RAAF base and the testing was actually done on the runway. Of course some of the guys with groovier bikes than mine were racing up and down the runway the entire time. That was fun as well :)
  8. welcome to the boards