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Yet another new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MadStu, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Here we go again, yet another new netrider posting an intro to say G'day.

    My name is Stu, I live in the South East suburbs of Melbourne and ride a Honda CBR250RR.

    I've had my learners permit for about 2 months and in that time I've had a few firsts.

    I've been on my first netrider ride (thursday mystery ride and coffee about a month ago), had my first stack (I'm ok it was mainly cosmetic damage) and done my first bit of vehicle repair.

    It's been great so far reading the input of experienced riders and I look forward to chatting with/meeting some more of you soon. I've been meaning to go on more mystery rides and a coffee.


  2. DISCO STU!!!!!!!!! I wondered where you'd been :LOL:.

    Welcome to Netrider, mate.
  3. Welcome aboard mate.
    There's always firsts. Make sure you dont post about a 10th stack though :LOL:
  4. ah great to see you made it on here mate......wonder how long before you spend all weekend riding with us and watch the weekend disappear into the mirrors.

    It's a real addiction i tell you.....or yeah thats right don't need to keep telling you anymore


    cheers stewy (the real stewy) :p
  5. Hey, Disco Stu!! Awesome! :LOL:

    Welcome Stu, sounds like your learning fast! Maybe we'll catch you on another mystery ride soon.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome to the world of NR.. :grin:
  8. Hi STU, 4 things to share with you.
    1. There are 2 kinds of riders. Ones that have come off and ones that will come off.
    2. Always expect the unexpected on the road.
    3. Always respect the machine your riding.
    4. G'day buddy welcome aboard, have a blast and see you around the forum YA CHAMP.