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Yet another new rider(Newcastle) post!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Well, I supose I should say hi. Bought a cheap old bike off Ebay after I realised that the new LAM's system allows me to ride something bigger than a 250 while learning. Now, at 6'1" (185cm) tall and well, a tad overweight, that appealed to me! I'm also 35, so hopefully knowing how other fools drive on the roads will help me.
    Anyway, bought a Kawasaki Z 650 (which you younger people will have to Google up). Kind of the classic 70's Jap bike. Good reliable bikes, indestructible engine etc. Lots of torque, this thing will pull away from a standstill at 1500 rpm. Very smooth. Very heavy too!
    I've never ridden a bike before( rode pushbikes heaps in my teens/early 20's), but have been riding around the carpark at work for a couple of hours. I have the bike at work so I could work on it after/ before hours and during lunch. It needed some things done.
    So, having had to fix the bike really helped me understand how they work, and gave me a lot more confidence in the machine. I always do my own mechanical work, and if you want to give it a go, but are unsure, buy a workshop manual and have a go! They are much simpler than a car!
    Now the bike has a blue slip, I can go and register it and see about getting my L's. I called up to book the pre learner's, and was quite surprised that weekend courses were booked til early December! So, might be a midweek course for me. The boss owes me big anyay!

    Have fun!

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. LAKE MACQUARIE!!! My old stamping ground, Andrew, (Booragul High School 1962 - 1965)!!

    Have to get together for some rides when you are mobile.

    Welcome to the asylum without walls, Netrider is the only place to be!
  3. Goodonya Typhoon!

    I love the old jap bikes as well. I reckon the old Z's were the benchmark for the best of jap bikes, In line 4 cylinder, 4 stroke & bullet proof!

    Hope you enjoy Netriders.

  4. Hi typhoon , welcome .
  5. Welcome tyhpoon and good luck with getting on the road...
  6. Thanks for the hellos. Have learned a lot trolling through the posts here already, sat down and read the forums for about 3 hours last weekend when it was raining.
    Booragul is close to here, I am in Fennell Bay.
    Only thing that really scares me here is teh bogans in Commodores..apparently, driving like a tool and leaving one car spacing at 90km/h is part of the bogan road rules...
    Anyway, They can do what they want, I know what they'll do!
    Yeah, the older Kawasakis are great, sooo easy to ride. Even sound like a real bike with a decent exhaust. No muffled 250 sound here. Like I said, never ridden a bike before, and after about an hour, I can take off from a standing start, change gears and use both brakes simultaneously, which has me pleased! I can sort of turn, but the low speed stuff is tricky! I'll get there though. Teh bike is a great learner's bike, very forgiving.
    I was moving teh wheelbarrow around the yard today, and was thinking it's exactly like a motorbike, lean to turn. I might try out countereteering on it! LOL!
    Can't wait to register the bike and start riding!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Welcome typhoon. Love your choice of bike! :D
  8. welcome typhoon!

    i'm from belmont, been on my L's for 3 months now and will be going for my P's this coming friday.

    i've also been practicing in the carpark

    PM me when you get your Ls and we'll go for a ride!
  9. Hey, thanks for the offer! I'll take you up on that! Can wobble up the road in company. I have all my safety gear, just have to get into it and get licenced!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. I'm in the neighbourhood for 6 more weeks too guys :) Let me know if you guys want to meet up one day - I do shiftwork so I work all over the shop, but should be able to organise something. :)
  11. Sounds like a great little Netrider colony brewing in Newcastle, might wobble up there myself one Saturday and meet you all.

    I still have lots of friends and contacts in the area; my old music teacher from Booragul lives in Edgeworth (Bill Turner of Bill Turner Soccer Cup fame) and I visit him as often as other responsibilities allow!!

    Let's get together for a coffee and some bench-racing :D
  12. Yeah there seems to be a few of us up here, but I don't know that there is a group yet ;) Have to change that!

    My regular riding mate's just lost his licence so I'm keen to find other people to ride with. You have my number still Paul?
  13. PMing mine to you, had to clean out my (full) PM inbox on the weekend and lost it :oops: :oops:
  14. Well, I called to organise my pre learners thingy today, and the earliest I could get was in 5 WEEKS time! I rang last week and could get in in two weeks......
    Woman on the phone said that bike courses in Newcastle have been going through the roof, they have tripled teh people going through in the last month, so there may be a lot of new people out there riding soon. They are doing two courses morning and afternoons during the week, and two morning and afternoon on weekends. So, what sort of bike do they stick you on for these courses? Some revvy little 250 or something, trailbikes?
    So, now I am going to be stuck waiting, something I don't do well....should have booked earlier, but teh boss wanted to to the course too, but couldn't decide on if he could spare the time off work to do an afternon course during the week. Oh well, gives my bank account time to settle down.
    Screwed again by a boss! !LOL

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Hey Andrew,

    They use CB250's - great bunch of instructors too mate, you couldn't find better than the ones I've had the pleasure of meeting.

    Too bad about the 5 weeks though ... I suggest that every few days you phone up asking if there has been any cancellations.. it does happen.

    Let me know when you're up and riding around - if I'm still here we'll have to go for a ride!

  16. Hi typhoon , welcome
  17. Hello all,

    Another newcastle rider here as well, found out about these forums when one of your members helped me out while I was having a problem with my headlights. I'm always up for a ride, and have a few others that join me in the area. PM me when your up for a ride :)
  18. Andrew (Typhoon), if you don't want to wait 5 weeks, might I suggest making the trip down to sydney and do your course sooner down here. The H.A.R.T training facility in St Ives (northside of syndey so you don't have to go all the way through the city), is damn good and they 2-3 courses at once, so you might be able to get in quicker...

    Welcome to the forums as well.

    SnooKs: welcome to the forums as well. Snook isn't your surname is it? No relation to the Snooks' of Mt Colah?
  19. hey SnooKs, welcome to the madhouse!!! Keep your eyes open on the Events section, and the Calendar section, for both casual (spur of the moment) rides, and more organised ones.

    Do a search for Newcastle in the search function, and see if you can make contact with the other Netriders in your area.
  20. Nope sorry, just my online persona :p I'm in Charlestown, originally from Nelson Bay