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Yet another new member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by OldBellHelmet, May 8, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone. another new member looking forward to a few rides and get togethers. I live in Mount Colah so anyone heading up the old road let me know.

  2. Well if nothing else, you're to be commended for the most (presumably) unintentionally obscene name I think I've ever run across. OldBellHelmet is even better than the bloke my mate just met called Dick Smallwood.

    Welcome sir!
  3. Welcome mate, nice to be on the doorstep of the Old Mofo, ya lucky sod :)
  4. yeah nice to be here..the name is because of an old bell helmet i have which the old man used to use. ( lame ? - kinda.. cool ? - kinda ). the piece of foam in the top to allow for a bald spot is somewhat worrying.

    That old road has been calling for years and has been the testing and breaking ground of a few 4 wheeled machines. been great to get out there on a bike.
  5. Welcome

    Thanks for explaining the name, I thought it rather early to be calling yourself old, but now I understand.
  6. fair enough. if it offends it can be changed. just popped into my head when i was asked the question.. cant say i will be using it though.
  7. You can't please everyone!

    Anyway, on NR you get all sorts of opinions. They don't often get offended.

  8. hiya welcome
  9. yes everyone seems nice and met a few on the weekend on the old road. ive got a few friends who ride in melbourne and im going to get them to join up to help boost numbers.
  10. yeah shes an old open face and is still holding together pretty well. should take it out for a run oneday as is so bright you could see it from the moon.
    nice to be here.