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Yet another new Melb guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Aedo, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Hi all. I'm planning on buying a V-Star 650 this year, and thought I'd join up and get acquainted with a local rider community. I'm from Melbourne. Looking forward to expanding my modest knowledge a bit.

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  2. Welcome AedoAedo what area of Melb you from? is the 650 a LAMS bike?
  3. welcome aboard :) great choice pf bike you going with the classic or custom
  4. Howdy AedoAedo and welcome to NR. :happy:
  5. Thanks! Yeah the XVS650 is a LAMs. I've had my full licence since 2010 though.

    I was originally wanting a 2016 Custom, but I just found out that you can only get it in Pearl White here in AU. This really annoys me. That, and they look a little bit plastic compared to the Classic. Now I'm basically flicking between the Custom and Classic during my drooling sessions.

    I'm in Melb CBD currently. Convenient when you don't have own transport. Once I get my bike, I'll be moving further out so that I can garage it and enjoy riding around more.
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  6. Welcome to NR...

    Great choice of bike but of course I'm biased. :)

    Kept it for 4.5 years and clocked a bit over 41K kms. Didn't miss a beat.

    Come on down to the Saturday Learner session in Elwood one of these weekends... A great place to meet and greet some like minded bike enthusiasts...