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Yet another new forum member

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by carbine, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. Just poped in to say Gday to all. I will most likly be hanging around on and off as i have just traded my 01 KLX 300R in on a 05 CB 900 Hornet
    Yes a RED on so it goes faster :LOL: hopfully will pick it up Monday or tuesday. I live in Camira so i brought the bike in Ipswich. work in Carrol Park just 6 ks from home so will be a comuter and for weekend riding.

    I met the woman of my dreams the other day a nice tall shaply blond who just hapends to ride a new 900 Hornet. But it was just a case of 2 ships passing in the night or in this case a servo but had a nice chat with here anywa. :p
  2. welcome to the nuthouse.. :LOL: :LOL:
  3. :D Nuthouse is it OH good ill fit right in then :?
  4. Hello and welcome

    Stay safe

  5. Woo-hoo, yet ANOTHER Hornet rider!!! Welcome, carbine! And, yeah, red bikes are grouse (mine's blue, but if I get some real money in the next year I'll be getting a red 900 myself)
  6. yes certainly is, we will all be admitted one day i am sure..
  7. Welcome carbine, enjoy netriders!

    Oh no... another Hornet rider. Dare I say it, there's SWARMS of 'em!

  8. Just cause I'm crazy doesn't mean that I'm not a duck! :x

    Welcome. :D
  9. Hi carbine , welcome .
  10. Welcome mate, you'll find a good bunch of ladies and gentlemen here.

  11. Wow hi to all of you.
    Ok now for some advice/tips on running this thing in when i pick it up and what to check on a regular basis also what oil should i use i have heard some talk about synthetic some say its better ? all this is a way down the track but good to find out anyway. Also have herd that starting the bike while on the side stand causes excess wear over a long period of time caus the oil is all to one side. I read on a UK site that not to go over 7K rpm in the first 2000 klm just to be doubble shure as not to do any damage early on. UK link is http://www.hondahornet.co.uk/ not a bad site.
    A penny for you'r thought's. 8)
  12. You'll get much better advice than I can give (major newbie), but from what I've picked up in my travels, stay mineral oil until the bike is well and truly run in. The manual should have run in recommendations and that's what I'd follow, but you'll get differing opinions from people here as there are two schools of thought on running bikes in. If you want to shortcut it, do a search on running in.

  13. yeah, jj, BEWARE THE SWARM......:D

    carbine, if I were you I'd budget a couple of hundred bucks and buy an Anderson stand www.andersonstands.com and put the bike on it if it's going to be garaged overnight, or still for a few hours or more. Makes the chain easier to oil too.

    I haven't run in a new bike for many years, so I'll leave that to Pete or one of the professional mechanics.
  14. your dealer will give you the right advice for your new bike. I have just recently run in my 12 and wasnt able to go past 6000rpm until first service at 1000k's. And as for oils, synthetics are great performance oils which i highly recommend, but mineral oils these days are very well advanced and offer superior protection as well.
  15. Hi there mate and welcome.

    :D :D
  16. Re: running in... follow the manual explicitly!!! doit right and you'll be investing in the future of your engine/gearbox.

    As for oil, Pete etc will give you the best advice, but again, the manual will be a good guide (you might not have a choice if it's new... ie warranty concerns)

    As for synthetic vs mineral... I use a blend. As recommended by a well respected bike mechanic here in Hobart.

  17. :D Yeah i will be asking a lot of questions it's going to be a new experiance for me after going from a dirt bike to a awsom loking beast
    thats for shure :D