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yet another new bike thread- qbn's gixxer 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by qbnspeedfreak, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. this afternoon i picked up my latest purchase an 01 GSX-R750, has 55,000km on the clock, but runs beautifully with no past problems ever reported (mates fathers suzuki dealership had serviced since new)

    came with a bagster tank cover and bag, track stand, yoshi can, tinted screen, black headlight cover, and a few other bits and peices not worth mentioning

    quite a bit of money to be spent personalising it now, with a few bling bits to be fitted in the coming months

    [​IMG]taken by a forum member at our coffee meet this arvo

    [​IMG]my first pic taken this evening
  2. Looks the goods mate.. Well done.. :twisted:
  3. Ewwww... Dude.. thats ugly!

    Don't get me wrong, the bike looks the goods, but the helmet?

    Time to get a new one. :p
  4. Freaking hawt, congrats mate :)
  5. That is a nice bike.
  6. Ooh 'ello. Noice.

    (Moved into bike reviews)
  7. you planning on rebuilding the engine?
  8. thats not a honda :mad:
    you silly duffer.
    oh well, at least you wont run out of fuel, warming it up :p
  9. Great lookin bike ! Well Done !
    I agree about the helmet, it clashes. Time for a new one :)
  10. :LOL:

    How many comments have you gotten on the helmet now James?

    Fixed that for ya Joel! :p
  11. Nice bike. Great choice. :grin:

  12. You need a bumble bee helmet now.
  13. why would i rebuild the motor???

    the motor runs smooth as silk, no rattles no smoke

    when will people learn 55,000 isn't alot of KMs, if the bike has been maintained properly
  14. ie. 550,000 ....that's why it's time for a rebuild :wink:
  15. lol oops but the , was after the 5 not the 0, oh well fixed now
  16. Rule #47 in the Ts&Cs; typos will be punished by communal mocking :rofl:

    Looks nice, mate, big jump from two cylinders to four, but I bet you'll enjoy it.

    I agree about the helmet too :LOL:
  17. dont worry james, your fellow riders will be too far behind you, to even notice your pizza-spew-coloured lid.
    as long as it keeps your melon covered! :LOL:
  18. lol nah, i am extremely slow on this bike, going to take me a bit to get used to it, and i learnt the hard way on the storm about pushing it on an unfamiliar bike

    just a question for you mods, i'm not dirty about it, but why is my new bike thread the only one that has been moved to reveiws, thoughts and suggestion?
  19. here are the 2 b$%ches together, they get along well