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Yet another new bike thread - GSXR-1000K8

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tim, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Came across a black and gold 2008 GSXR-1000.. Decided that it was time for a new bike. Picked it up last Wednesday and headed straight for the black spur. The bike is silky smooth compared to my 2001 gsxr. It has switchable ignition maps that all GSXR's now have.. I still think power is controlled by the right wrist, don't need electronics to do it for however it gives you something else to play with.

    Only mod so far is a set of Remus exhausts. I think they are a bit loud for normal road use so will try and get a set of bungs made up for it.

    Next mods are

    1. Fender eliminator &
    2. Removal of the front reflectors.

    Other than that I plan on keeping the bike pretty standard.



  2. i wish i didnt have restrictions, i would love this bike! looks so amazing.
  3. Love the colour scheme! haven't seen one of those before, is it a factory colour?
  4. yes, factory colour
  5. Nice. Looks the goods dude, a bike can neva be too loud :LOL:

    I cant wait for 2009.
  6. nice mate! you can make a fender elim pretty easy on gsxr's with a couple of brackets.
  7. We're looking at getting one of these as my husband's next bike (love that colour scheme too). Have you had a play around with the ignition maps? I would love to ride it sometimes but I don't know if it would be too much of a power jump for me to handle (i'm on a GS500f now, hardly power city haha) and I was wondering if one of the ignition maps takes a bit of the grunt away? Of course, as you say, at the end of the day power is controlled by the right wrist!
  8. The bike has now done about 700k's. I've been running around mostly using "C" mode on the switchable ignition maps. This mode definitely reduces power and makes the bike even easier to ride. It still has more than enough power to spin up the back wheel in the wet in this mode though, as I found out last week. Feels a lot like my old 600 (99 gsxr) in terms of power delivery in this mode. Got told by bike shop to run bike in using map "B" or "C". Map "B" still hits top power, it just takes longer to get there.

    I couldn't help myself on Friday and did take it to 10k rpm.. The bike is just so smooth compared to my K1 model.. Also I now know that the K1 needs it clutch replaced, it's horrible after riding the K8.

    I haven't touched the suspension yet, though I think the bike shop have upped the pre load on the rear (I'm a fat bastard). I also run a 190 rear tyre on the K8 and a 180 on the K1. The K8 seems to take a bit more to get it to tip in but once there holds it line so well. I'm putting that down to the width of rear tyre. I also spent about $2k on the K1 getting the suspension sorted but I think the K8 is about as good if not better than my modified K1 so Suzuki have done their work here.

    Power delivery as I've said before is just so smooth.. Very easily controlled but the engine does spin up fast. I got a friend who is on a 250 to try and rev it to 4k, it went straight to 8k and he jumped away from the bike with a stunned look on his face. Quite amusing actually. I do think that any level of rider could ride this bike, it all comes down to how much control you have not to do anything silly. Silliness will get you in to trouble very quickly on something like this.

    The reflectors have now gone and have been replaced by bolts. I've ordered my fender eliminator from the store on this site, so expect to have that on by the weekend.

    The brakes are also superb. I've noticed a huge difference in feel between the K1 and K8. The K8 does not take any effort to pull up whereas the K1 does require a fair bit more input and nowhere near the feel. From my initial riding using radial brakes, I would say there is a significant noticeable difference between the two and I prefer the radial brakes.

    The K8 has a slipper clutch. Can't say I've noticed this at all. Probably haven't needed it yet. I did do a compression lockup on the K1 once changing down from 2nd to first at about 100k's. 100% my fault as I let the revs drop way to far. Since I did this I've always tried to match my revs to speed so I don't think I'll notice the slipper clutch on the new bike on the road, will see what happens if I do a track day on it.

    There is a fair bit of room on this bike compared to the K1. Definitely a lot more room to move around. The footpegs are a lot higher than the K1 but they are 4 way adjustable so I'll have a play with this soon. I'm 6"1' / 186 cms and have no issues fitting on either bike. The seat may as well be a slab of concrete on the K8, it's so much harder than the K1. Seat also appears to be longer on the K8.

    Also if anyone who buys a K8 GSXR, take note if you get the Remus (and possibly the Jardines as well) exhausts you will not be able to take a pillion. The pillion pegs end virtually where the exhaust exits so your pillion is going to get very hot feet. Also there is no bottom mount for the pillion pegs with these exhausts attached. As such I may have to put the original exhausts and pillion pegs back on for this weekend to take a friend down to PI. I only expect it to take less than hour to do this though. Very easy job.

    That's it for now. If I think of anything more to add I'll certainly be back.

    Thanks for reading :) :)
  9. Congrats mate !
    Great review too
    Love the colour scheme :cool:
  10. Wow.. that is one fantastic paint job!
  11. Great review, very helpful thanks! :grin:
  12. I've just had my bike stolen, and was sort of looking toward suzuki for a replacement

    had a 2007 Yamaha R1, was thinking about the Gix 750 or 1000, as
    A) I don't like the colour schemes of the 08 R1,
    8) 09 isn't out till march and I'm so not living through summer without a bike.
    C) think suzuki is probably the next best thing :p

    only thing I don't like on the gix is the side exhaust, but I guess I can get a stubby or something to tidy that up.

    you riden the 750? your view of the 1000 is tempting though....
  13. Sorry to hear about your bike Ash. Sh^%s me to tears when people wont leave other peoples stuff alone.

    No haven't ridden a gsxr750. I had a 99 gsxr600 and then went straight to the K1 1000.

    I've known a couple of people who have owned them over the last couple of years and have only ever heard good reports on them.

    You could try the gixxer forum www.gixxer.com/forums but being a gixxer forum you wont get bad reviews. I own 3 suzukis (2 x gsxr 1k and 1 dr650) so you wont hear bad things about Suzuki from me either.

    As has been said on here lots of times you can't really use the power of a 1000 on our roads so the 750 may be the go. However as you're coming from a late model 1000 that may not apply.

    Also the K9 750 will be essentially the same as the K8. The 600/750 model release is opposite to the 1000's (1000 major release 2005,07,09 600/750 major release 2006,08,10)

    The K9 1000 has been released for shows but is not available yet. Stores are heavily discounting the K8 so it wont be far off now.

    For the 1000 - 2 options for exhaust. Jardine - has 2 pipes coming out the right side or Remus - two trumpets, one each side (see pics in OP)

    I picked up my bike for $17k (RRP $18490 +ORC +exhausts) out the door with the Remus exhausts already on it. I did notice that the 750 was discounted as well but was only $500-1000 cheaper than the 1k.

    Hope this gives you something to think about.

  14. oh you're the noisy orange gixxer on the TNMR :p that thing sounds awesome :)

    yeah the 1ks are a bit of overkill for the street, but sooooooo much fun :)

    though I imagine the loss in weight and size could make the 750 interesting.....

    might head down on saturday to see what they have in Melb.

    still wont be buying for a few weeks at least, have to wait for the insurance.

    Thanks for the info
  15. Nah not me...

    black / orange = gsxr750

    black / gold = gsxr1000

    Though stevo's have it listed as black / orange = gsxr1000 on their system, this is not correct.
  16. :p looks that colour at night, but has the side pipes so I'm guessing it's you

    I might be down at the meet point tonight anyways, let a few more people know about my bike being stolen :(
  17. Hey Ash... sorry to hear about your bike.. Mike Hone in Box hill had a 07 R1 in there a couple of months back that they had done up as a gp display bike , may be of interest to you if they still have it. ask for ziggy in sales. I have an 07 gsxr 1000 fitted with twin Akropovics and minnus cat converter . these would be another option if you go down the gsxr path. good luck i hope it works out well for you :cool:
  18. Unfortunately they are no longer a Yamaha dealer.